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Here are five tips to prevent car theft

Here are five tips to prevent car theft


With the increase in car thefts in Quebec in recent years, here are some tips to protect your vehicle from thieves. 

Only on Service territory de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), during the year 2022, 1031 stolen vehicles were seized at the Port of Montreal. Nearly 45% of these vehicles came from other Canadian provinces.

1. Always lock your vehicle when leaving it, close the windows, the sunroof and the trunk. Keep the key with you, never leave it in the ignition or inside the passenger compartment.

2. Park your car in a secure place or in a non-isolated and well-lit location. Never leave it unattended.

3. Install a tracking system in your vehicle, which will allow it to be found in the event of theft.

4. Install a device to slow down the thief such as an anti-theft bar on the steering wheel, as well as a padlock to block access to the entrance to the on-board computer.

5. When selling on a classifieds website, please do not disclose your home address. Agree on a safe place, which can be a place other than your place of residence, for the test drive of the vehicle you have for sale. In this way, it will be impossible for a malicious person to locate your vehicle on the internet.

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