Here are the best new music releases of March

Here are the best musical new releases of March

, Cédric Bélanger and Raphaël Gendron-Martin MISE À DAY

The month of March came with its tsunami of releases and new music. Difficult to choose only ten of our favorite songs of the month you say? Here are the ones that particularly made our hearts beat.

Same Blood, Comment Debord

(SEN) – We love the comico-disco side of this song from the Montreal septet that would manage to make the most uptight among us dance. The clip also makes you smile as much as the chorus: “are there people who want to meet friends of friends * are there people who are looking for a project society, do you have people who want to go dancing after supper, would it be blood the same.»

Sadness, Zaho of Sagazan

Zaho of Sagazan

(CB) – Instant heartbeat alert. On a perfectly calibrated electro melody, this young 23-year-old Frenchwoman with a magnetic and singular tone of voice reflects with confusing verve on the manipulation of feelings. Across the Atlantic, it is said that she is the one who can inject new blood into French song. This title confirms it.

I like it when we dance, Lydia Képinski & Praises

(RGM) – Two beasts of the stage, Lydia Képinski and Les Louanges, team up on this sulfurous and lascivious pop track which was originally to be found on the singer's latest album, Depuis. Listening to the volume in the carpet.

Storm season, N NAO


(SEN) – This is a beautiful prelude to Water and Dreams, a 12-song album “experimental folk mixed with dream pop, at the intersection between exploratory music and songwriting”, explains the 29-year-old artist who sang or provided the first parts of Patrick Watson, Ariane Moffatt and Klô Pelgag.

Botany, Viviane Audet

(CB ) – “You will no longer drink the water from my eyes», Launches the narrator, a survivor of domestic violence, to her attacker in the delicate and touching first extract from the next album by Viviane Audet. After a decade of instrumental music, she couldn't have found a more relevant subject for her return to singing.

Charlie, Valence and Ariane Roy

Valence et Ariane Roy

(RGM) – Two of the most prominent new generation artists currently, Valence and Ariane Roy, unite their voices on this hopeful track and melancholy that speaks of a dog who is going to live with a new family. The beginning of several collaborations between these two musicians? We want it.

It's always like that, it's magic, Fanny Bloom

(SEN) – We dare you not to be charmed by this disco-pop excerpt from what will be the first opus in five years by singer-songwriter Fanny Bloom (coming in the fall). It's rhythmic and it just makes you want to dance.

Promenade, Arielle Soucy


(CB) – Arielle Soucy ignores traditional song structures on this introspective folk piece, which lets itself be tamed in a crescendo made up of acoustic guitar and finely arranged vocal harmonies.

Heart of Glass (Uummati Attanarsimat), Elisapie


(RGM) – We all know the 1979 mega-hit Blondie, which has been covered tons of times. Here, the author-composer Elisapie remakes an adaptation in Inuktitut. The result is shocking. Singer Debbie Harry gave her blessing to this version.

From the roots of us, Heïka


(SEN) –We are quickly charmed by this new Quebec indie-pop group whose heart is made up of singer Andrée-Anne Bélisle and pianist Jo-Annie Bourdeau. Their first album, Good Good, produced by Félix Petit (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir) can be listened to in one go. We fell in love with the catchy piece From the roots of us.