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Here are the new features of Facebook that might interest you

Here's what's new on Facebook you might be interested in


Perhaps the biggest effort at Facebook has been in artificial intelligence (AI) language translation, the progress of which makes CEO Mark Zuckerberg very proud. 

Called No Language Left Behind, the new AI model can translate 200 different languages ​​in high quality according to its CEO. Using the Research SuperCluster supercomputer, which has more than 50 billion parameters in its chips, it is capable of performing more than 25 billion translations… per day! This gives you an idea of ​​the tremendous potential for interactions that will add to the power of this platform.

Political content and misinformation

Conducted by Facebook, the tests showed that giving less importance to likes, comments and shares of political content is an effective way to reduce the amount of it that subscribers encounter in their Feed. 

In a survey, people who experienced these changes said they saw less content that they didn't find valuable. These changes have been implemented in all markets around the world.

Regarding misinformation about Covid-19 viruses, Facebook asks the Independent Oversight Board if its policy of removing false claims about masks, social distancing, vaccines is still in order.

Instead of a simple deletion, Facebook would like to label false statements or demote them. In support of this claim, the giant cites higher vaccination rates around the world as well as the company's own efforts to promote authoritative information on Covid-19.

Currently, Meta (the parent company of Facebook) explicitly prohibits a wide range of false claims about Covid-19, such as that the disease can be transmitted by 5G wireless technology or that Covid-19 tests can infect you. with the virus.

Nearly 80 distinct types of false claims have been removed from platforms, totaling over 25 million infringing content.

Changes to the Home and Post Feed tabs

Earlier in July, Facebook changed its Home page which is the starting point for connection, entertainment and discovery where one can easily access Reels, Stories and get personalized recommendations.

Normally sorted in the most recent order, the friends and communities posts feed has become customizable, you can establish a favorite list of friends and pages that interest you and filter their content into a new l tab.

Interested? Here's how to see and manage favorites in Facebook feed.

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