Here are the teams that have not participated in a final for a long time

Here are the teams that haven’t participated in a final for a long time


The Denver Nuggets reached the first NBA Finals in their history on Monday, in their 56th season. Colorado fans have had to be very patient.

In fact, only five organizations do worse than the Nuggets in North America's four major professional leagues. Here they are:

Sacramento Kings: 72 years

The Kings have long been considered a laughing stock in the NBA. This season, they finally reached the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Sacramento had a strong streak in the early 2000s under head coach Rick Adelman, but their successes never translated to the Finals. Their last presence dates back to 1951, when the team was named the Rochester Royals. To say that since then, this concession has been relocated to Cincinnati, Kansas City and finally Sacramento.

Detroit Lions: 66 years old

In the NFL, the club that wins this sad palm is the Detroit Lions. The team's heyday came in the 1950s, when it won the 1952, 1953 and 1957 championships. third, in the 1960s. In fact, since that time, the Lions have made it past the first round of playoffs only once.

Atlanta Hawks: 62 years

Will star player Trae Young be able to lead the Hawks in the coming seasons? Unlike the two formations mentioned above, this one is rarely excluded from the playoffs. Its last finals, however, date back to 1961, when the St. Louis Hawks were beaten twice in a row by the Boston Celtics in the final game. Fortunately for the city of Georgia, the Atlanta United and the Braves brought back trophies, which the Falcons or the Thrashers were never able to do…

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Toronto Maple Leafs: 56 years

In the National Hockey League (NHL), no one does worse than the Leafs. Since the major expansion of 1967, the Torontonians have been deprived of the Stanley Cup, but also of the final. The Queen City team reached the semi-finals in 1978, 1993, 1994, 1999 and 2002. The Maple Leafs' patient fans believed it more than ever this season after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the Panthers from Florida abruptly ended their daydream in the second round.

New York Jets: 55 years

The beginning of the history of the New York Jets/Titans is quite particular. In 1968, eight years after their arrival in the AFL, the ancestor of the NFL, and no presence in playoff games, the representatives of the Big Apple won the Super Bowl. Since then, not a single final has been offered to supporters. Is Aaron Rodgers the savior at quarterback that everyone has been waiting for since Joe Namath? We will have to start by qualifying for the post-season phase, which the Jets have not done since 2010.