“Here is love”: the boyfriend of Natty shared a romantic photo

The beloved singer has publicly confessed his love for her

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"Вот как выглядит любовь": бойфренд Нетты поделился романтическими фото

Netta and Ilan

Recently the winner of the Eurovision song contest 2018 Netta Barzilai said that her heart is busy and she is in a relationship with the beloved man. True name and other details are not disclosed. Instead, it made her a young man, published on his page on Instagram shared a photo with the singer.

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It turned out that the young man was in the social network and his name is Ilan. His Instagram is filled with romantic photos from the Net, which are accompanied by heartwarming captions.

“Here is love. I am the happiest person! To Wake up every morning next to this person makes life worthy to live. Netta, you give me so much life” – wrote under one of the photos of Ilan.

Another guy the Israeli singer told the details of their relationship and reported that they have been together for half a year.

“Six months of love, adventure, discovery, long flights, surprises, flying around the world, concerts, hotels, Paris, Bucharest, Los Angeles, but the best among all in this together. Six months of sharing life with the most inspiring, strong, intense, fascinating person in the world. Six months ago I couldn’t imagine what my life will turn on its head. Nothing else I wanted to share it. There is a lot more”, – he said.

Recall that recently Netta Barzilai lit live finale “Voice. Diti 5”, and also performed at the Kiev festival Atlas Weekend.

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