Here is what work the application developers to Montreal

Voici sur quoi travaillent les développeurs d’applications à Montréal

For the section techno of the Journal, here are three of the meetings with the leaders behind the app Relax Melodies, Massive Technologies and Budge Studios.

Mr Simon Alex Bérubé, CEO and co-founder of the Ipnos Software for the app Relax Melodies

Very popular applications for monitoring of sleep and relaxation are in full effervescence. What is their potential to more or less long term?

Applications of sleep and relaxation, experience a large increase in popularity since several years and this trend has accelerated, in recent months, due to the stress that we live all. Apps like Relax Melodies may bring relief, helping people break the cycle of stress and sleep problems.

When used regularly, the applications of sleep become an important part of a routine of sound sleep. As the pace of life always seems to accelerate and generate more stress, force is to believe that the application of sleep and relaxation will become more useful.

Since your offices are in Montreal, what attractions of this city do you like to develop your growth?

Montreal is the perfect place to be a startup technology. Its dynamic environment is what motivates us to be the best in our field and work to improve ourselves every day.

It is this dynamism which pushes us to be agile and adaptable. In modifying our service offering during the COVID-19, we managed to be among the 5 applications for well-being that have known

the highest use between march and may
in the United States.

The talent in Montreal is also among the best in the world. A good team makes a great product, and we see this in Relax Melodies.

Tell us about the biggest success you have had with your mobile applications.

As a quebec company without external investors, we are very proud to achieve to be competitive with the players on the american market, which have lifted tens of millions of dollars in investment.

We’ve reached 50 million downloads in 2019. We see this as a testimony to the hard work that we put into every aspect of the application, both at the level of sounds that the meditations [or] of the visual design.

We have also recently been named the best application of meditation for sleep by
and, in 2018, we were the application

the highest-rated on the App Store

all the categories!

We are proud to bring a different approach to other products in our category. Make the application highly customizable allows each user to be the artisan of his own sleep. Our approach means that we take very seriously the comments of the users and integrate them into all of the features that we are developing.

What is the potential of watches smart as the Apple Watch for a young technology company such as yours?

For the past 11 years, we are always working to be at the forefront of new technologies. With the follow-up of sleep offered by the Apple Watch, we will be able to have the feedback to enhance the effectiveness of our product and thus help people sleep better.

Mr. Fayez Sälka, co-founder of Massive Technologies for the app AR a Pianist

How is born the idea of learning the piano with the technology of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)?

Since we started with our first product, Piano 3D, in 2014, we know that the future of the musical experience and education will be in the virtual reality and augmented reality. At the time, we had the vision, but we didn’t have the support to achieve it. We have already made some prototypes with helmets RV ready-to-use, but the market for them was very small. But in 2017, ARKit has been introduced and all of a sudden, millions of users can make the virtual reality experience using the iPhone and iPad that they already own. It was the perfect support so that we can make the foundations of our vision.

What is the effectiveness of this technique for piano learning? And what are the prerequisites for beginners (instruments, knowledge base)?

With augmented reality, the user is able to see the notes he is supposed to play projected on her real piano. And with our latest application, AR Pianist, we are also planning a pianist with a virtual who will guide them through the technique of fingering the exact requirements to play the songs. This technology also allows the user to slow the song up to 100 times and to see all the complex movements of the hand in detail, and from the angle that he chooses. This significantly reduces the costs and constraints necessary to learn music pieces at the piano and makes the process of learning musical instruments is very intuitive, without any prior to begin with. Our technology allows us to offer this experience to users, whether they use a mobile device (iPhone or iPad), or that they wear a helmet RV or RA.

The possibilities of RV and RA are virtually endless. Do you have other projects involving these technologies?

Although our initial plan was to offer a new type of learning experience to the users of RV and RA, our vision goes beyond this. We are currently working on the output of the first concert of piano virtual in augmented reality, using ARKit. Fans will be able to attend the concert virtually and watch the performance in augmented reality from every angle using their iPhone or iPad. We currently collaborate with great artists for our first concert virtual. We can’t even name them, but make sure you keep an eye on them!

Ads exciting have also been made in the recent WWDC. One of them is a new feature CoreML in iOS 14, which allows to follow in real time the hand through the camera of the iPhone. This feature allows us, for example, to give feedback on the technique of the hand of the user when he plays the piano or other musical instruments.

Dr. Michael Elman, CEO of Budge Studios, creator of games for children

How long do you develop games for toddlers?

Budge Studios was born in 2010, at the same time as the launch of the iPad. Since that day, we have released more than 50 apps in the App Store! Each application has been created here in our studio in Montreal.

What advantages do you see on the iOS platform compared to Android?

The iPad is the tablet the most used in the world, especially the children and the families. It is an excellent device for which to develop, because the screen size is excellent for children. In addition, the iPad becomes increasingly powerful with each new generation of devices, which allows us to push more boundaries in terms of visual quality.

What are the ingredients of your games that have built your reputation?

We have put in place some key elements that have led to our success as a publisher of apps for children. First, we have created applications based on toys and game styles that appeal to children, and that we do not find in other products on the market: sets of trains, dolls houses, kitchens virtual, collections of activities, to name a few. Then, we are associated with IP-renowned children know and love. A good example that brings together all that is our application Budge World: it includes a wide collection of characters from popular brands and types of games – all this in a single application.

Finally, how do you test games for children?

The first thing we do is test them with our own children “budgers”. Several employees have children in the house, and it is the best way to know if something is working, because our own children have no problem being honest with us. We also conduct tests of games with the children in the world, in order to obtain objective comments on our applications.

For an overview of all of the apps carried out in Canada for the mobile system iOS Apple, take a look here.

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