Here's how the PGA Tour is shaping its 2024 season

This is how the PGA Tour is shaping its 2024 season


PONTE VEDRA BEACH | The information began to circulate last week. Details of a new lineup were confirmed Tuesday at 48 Hours of the PGA Tour Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass. Next season, the circuit will revamp its calendar by bringing together its best golfers in 16 prestigious tournaments. 

These events will include the four major championships of the season, the PGA TOUR Players Championship and the three stages of the FedEx Cup playoffs.

On the tour, they will bring together the top 70 to 78 golfers in four rounds. Usually, some 140 players first compete in the first two rounds, after which a cleaver brings together the best 70.

In these new tournaments, no ax will fall at the dawn of the weekend. According to the arguments put forward, this is a measure allowing, among other things, fans to follow their favorites at all times.

Commissioner Jay Monahan

Bringing together the best

The grids will consist of golfers in the top 50 in the FedEx Cup rankings the previous year, golfers who have climbed into the top 30 in the world rankings and various winners in the process of season. They will be updated often to promote competition.

“We have to put the spotlight on our best players and get them to play together,” said circuit commissioner Jay Monahan on Tuesday during a 75-minute long press conference.

According to the data presented, members of the world's top 30 compete in less than 40% of regular PGA Tour tournaments. These 16 prestigious tournaments will therefore be the scene of clashes of titans vying for purses of more than $20 million.

“Our 2024 calendar will be very different with this cadence of prestige events combined with regular tournaments, recognized Monahan without wanting to advance on the identity of the prestige tournaments. Those who qualify for these tournaments will be able to build their personal calendar.

By sequences

This means that the stars will not necessarily have to point their noses at each of the 16 tournaments. They are free to choose which ones they want. But with such attractive purses and an improved point system, it would be surprising if they were absent there frequently.

“According to the plan next year, we should see sequences of two events of prestige followed by three regular tournaments, reported Rory McIlroy. As I wouldn't want to take a three-week break between each streak, I will surely participate in one of the regular tournaments.

“You have to create the best schedule to ensure that the best golfers compete in the big events, added the one who has won 23 career victories on the circuit. You also have to make sure you participate in regular tournaments. It is possible to achieve a good balance by considering that it is necessary to include 16 prestigious tournaments in the calendar between January and August.

No parallel league

This new lineup differs from the original offering shown in Delaware late last summer. It is important to remember that Tiger Woods and a handful of stars on the circuit had met to reflect on improving the product, but also to respond to LIV Golf's offensive.

This meeting had left the hypothesis of two parallel circuits under the hat of the PGA Tour. One formed from the elite and the other, from the rest of the 125 members in good standing with a card in their pocket.

The new plan is obviously not unanimous, but it promotes competition.

“We all know someone who is not happy with this new structure. There is no model that will make everyone happy. It's a fact, dropped Justin Thomas. 

“Anyone who has agreed to play golf on the PGA Tour knows that the better the performance, the better the opportunity to participate in big tournaments. Conversely, poor performance relegates to the development circuits. With the new structure, none of that changes.”

However, it seems that the death knell has sounded for the series of world championships bringing together the world's top 50.