Here’s what will air on your next transatlantic flight in the time of a pandemic

Voici de quoi aura l’air votre prochain vol transatlantique en temps de pandémie

Few travellers, a lot of hand sanitizer and several temperature controls : your next international flight will not be a moment of relaxation. All of you will recall that the spectrum of the COVID-19 is still present.

While international borders are beginning gradually to open up, Andréanne Plant and Xavier Savard Fournier, two collaborators of “Tabloid”, has left the Montreal-Trudeau international airport on the 25th of June to Istanbul in Turkey, with a stopover in Paris. Here is an overview of their journey.

In Montreal

Upon arrival at the airport, it is necessary to disinfect their hands under the eyes of security agents, who ensure that only holders of tickets will enter.

Then, another agent informs him of the potential symptoms of the travelers, taking their temperature with a forehead thermometer and checks the body heat of each with a thermal imaging camera.

“Do you have fever? Do you have a cough? Have you been in contact with someone who has had a diagnosis of COVID-19?” asks a female employee of Air Canada at the time to save the baggage.

Note that it is the responsibility of the passenger to check whether he has the right to travel to his destination. The airline you will be questioned in this sense.

Ready for boarding

On the evening of the story, there are only three other departures at the international airport of Montreal. The three gates are one beside the other, which creates a gathering out of the ordinary by the time that run.

To enforce the spacing of the benches are blocked by means of posters in waiting areas, and signage to remind us that wearing a mask is mandatory. These instructions are quite respected by the travelers.

A few restaurants are still open, but most shops are closed, giving the impression of a place where it is prohibited.

Most airlines are again taking the temperature of passengers before they go up in the plane.

At the edge of the device

“On the plane, the mask is mandatory, and at any time”, repeated several times the officers of the board. And they do not hesitate to call the travelers unruly. All passengers are in their seat kit, COVID-19 with gloves, a mask, antiseptic gel, water, and disinfectant wipes.

During this flight, a space of one seat between each passenger. This rule has, however, been lifted by Air Canada and WestJet since.

Pillows and blankets are no longer available, due to the pandemic. Meals are now served in a box packaged.

In transit

States might ask you for justification for your right-of-way. As for your final destination, it is therefore important to check whether measures related to the COVID-19 prevent you from doing a stopover in a country.

The airline will ask you for this information before your departure.

In the transit area in Paris, is a reminder to all that the mask is always mandatory and it is important to wash the hands regularly.

Before the second flight of this trip, an employee of Turkish Airlines has resumed the temperature of the passengers.

Final Destination

To enter Turkey, you must fill out an identification sheet which allows you to track visitors. France also requires such a document. This file is usually delivered in the plane.

There is also a demand to comply with the spacing and social wear the mask.

Some countries have chosen to test all visitors on their arrival. This is the case, in particular, Iceland and Austria. Greece, it is, in fact, random testing since the 1st of July.

The Turkish government is also in the process of setting up screening centres of the COVID-19 in most of its major airports. The testing centre was not in place at the time of our passage.

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