Here’s what will air your next day at The Round

Voici de quoi aura l'air votre prochaine journée à La Ronde

MONTREAL – If you wish to remove your mask during your next visit to The Round, you need to go in the boxes provided. These “areas without a mask” are part of the new rules put in place by the amusement park, montreal to be able to reopen its doors in full pandemic.

For the entire summer, the games and the rides, aquatic as the Splash will be closed. The capacity of The Round is “limited”, but the officials did not want to say how many people would be allowed on the site each day.

Here is the route in which he will have to get used as soon as Saturday, when The Round enters service for a first weekend. The park company Six Flags has had a month to prepare for its reopening, after having received permission to do so on the 24th of June.

1 – Finish the ticket at the counter

Visitors must now buy their tickets in advance on the website of the amusement park, since the number of seats was reduced to avoid too large gatherings. “It may be that you return to the edge if you arrive without a ticket. It is highly recommended to make reservation in advance,” said Friday the head of the public relations division of The Round, Karina Thevenin.

2 – the temperature at the inlet

When he presents himself to the entrance of the site, each visitor must pass through a scanner thermal imaging that detects fever. “If the machine has detected that you are warmer than 38 degrees Celsius, it will ask you to put aside, and an employee will scan,” said Karina Thevenin. A person with symptoms of fever is sent home and the ticket can be used for another visit, she says. As the mask is required at any time, visitors who would not have can be purchased at a counter in the reception area.

3 – half of The cars convicted in more rides

Users must wear their mask at all times when on rides. In several roller coasters, such as Goliath, almost half of the cars were doomed to adhere to the social distancing between the passengers. The hand washing facilities have been arranged at the entrance and at the exit of each ride, where visitors must now follow the arrows and the dots on the ground.

4 – areas without a mask

On the site, nine areas of varying sizes, including one outside the park, have been created to allow visitors to remove their mask. “The people who are going to go into areas without a mask will have to keep a distance physics of two metres,” assured Karina Thevenin. Message contradictory to the recommendations of the government? “Not at all”, said Ms. Thenevin, according to which these areas are “the equivalent of walking around in the street and see people”. On its website, the government of Québec strongly recommends that you keep the mask in a public place where it is difficult to keep two meters distance.

5 – Finish the skill games and tables pasted

Want to try to win a stuffed toy in a game of skill? It will have to wait until next year, since all the resorts are closed this summer. As for the dining areas, they have been refurbished, and all the tables are now in the gap of the restaurants in the park. In their place, “there are barriers and arrows to guide people in the queues for the restaurants,” said Karina Thevenin. This is the solution found so that all the tables are within two metres of each other.

6 – Disinfectant in front of each vending machine

Ever the purchase of a soft drink have been the box! Everywhere on the site, bottles of disinfectant hand are arranged in front of each vending machine in order to reduce the risk of contamination. The number of bottles of sanitizer in the park is very high, according to Karine Thenevin, knowing that “there is one at each entrance and each exit of the ride”, in addition to the many sinks located in the food courts.

7 – Each bench bears a poster

Rather than simply to be condemned, park benches arranged around the site are a poster on which it is recorded: “one group per bench at a time”. The rule is clearly indicated to deter those who would be tempted to sit on a bench where a stranger is already taking place.

8 – The cleaning team

The Round has formed a team of employees whose task is to regularly clean the spaces ‘high-risk’. In this category, we find all the surfaces, such as tables, benches, sinks and toilets, but also “the seats, harnesses and ramps” in the rides, which are washed “regularly”, says Karina Thenevin.

9 – measures for the recalcitrant

Wear his mask everywhere on the site and in any time, this rule is non-negotiable in The Round. But that reserve is there for people who refuse to wear one? If someone is caught without a mask out areas where you can pull it off, “we have many employees and agents who will inform visitors of the importance of the wear,” explained the head of the public relations division. If the person refuses to put on his mask, the result is without appeal: “it’s going to be asked to leave the site.”

10 – Trained to the last minute

During our visit on the eve of the opening, it was a day of training for the employees who went to pick up their uniforms and learn the procedures to operate the rides at the amusement park. This first week-end of activity is a test to recognize the measures to correct, improve or strengthen, according to members of the co-ordination of The Round.

11 – Opening to members only

This weekend, The Round opens its doors to its members and to people holding passports of the season. It is only on 3 August that the amusement park Six Flags will be open to the general public. However, it is possible to book tickets for a day now, and have been since July 20.

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