Here's why it's essential to maintain your vehicle after winter

Here's why it’s essential to have your vehicle serviced after winter



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Here's why it’s essential to do the maintenance your vehicle after the winter

Regular maintenance is important to preserve your vehicle, but an inspection is particularly important. arrival of spring, once the cold season is behind you.

Snow, salt, calcium, sand, ice and extreme temperature changes can harm your car. Many of its components can deteriorate during the winter, affecting its efficiency and safety. And that's without taking into account the aesthetic damage it can suffer!

To remedy this, it is important to make an appointment for maintenance at a qualified dealer. Trained and certified technicians, like those at Toyota Parts and Service, can help you drive with peace of mind. 

Here's why spring service is important:< /strong> 

The impact of salt and sand   

In winter, salt and sand spread on the roads to ensure the safety of motorists can damage several parts of your vehicle and affect its operation, in addition to altering its appearance. 

For example, salt accumulated under the car poses a threat to the exhaust system, which can rust. An abundance of salt and slush can also deteriorate suspension and wheel geometry. As for calcium, it can cause corrosion on the bodywork.

The effects of cold and humidity   

L Humidity and temperature changes can also make life difficult for your automobile by contributing in particular to the wear of drive belts which can end up cracking and breaking. Seals, rails, junctions, engine and frames are also at high risk of damage. 

“Water and cold also cause normal wear and tear on air filters. It is important to replace them in the spring to ensure good air quality in the passenger compartment and to keep unpleasant odors away,” says Michel Gélinas, General Manager of Toyota Léveillé.

Problems related to lack of fluids   

Once the winter is over, your vehicle is probably dry, which is why the tanks must be filled. Moreover, engine parts must be lubricated at all times to avoid overheating. In addition to a regular oil change, your mechanic will check engine oil and coolant levels. 

The Importance of Removing Your Winter Tires< /strong>  

Do not wait to make an appointment to install your summer tires, since they are perfectly suited to the summer season. Indeed, they are designed to evacuate water from the road and preserve road holding. 

While driving with your winter tires puts you in a risky position. They are less effective when the temperature exceeds 7 degrees Celsius: they lack grip on the ground, in addition to wearing out prematurely.

You could save money &nbsp ;

All these repairs and replacements of parts during your regular maintenance will be chargeable. In addition to preventing a small problem noticed late from becoming a costly complication, regular inspection of your automobile will allow it to maintain a good resale value.

If a maintenance appointment as soon as snowmelt is a great idea, year-round visits will ensure you're riding in a safe, high-performance vehicle. In fact, Toyota dealers recommend servicing every 6 months or 8,000 km.

Trust the trained and certified technicians at Toyota Parts and Service by taking a schedule an interview before summer rolls around!

Here is why it is essential to do maintenance on your vehicle after winter

Salt, sand and calcium wear you out. For a safe and dapper vehicle, look forward to a spring maintenance appointment.