Here's why the CH must keep losing

Here's why the CH must keep losing


The Montreal Canadiens, who have lost their last four games, and the Arizona Coyotes, on an eight-game losing streak (including two in overtime), are currently involved in a major race for mediocrity. 

The two clubs, which have four games left each, seem destined to finish either 27th or 28th overall. 

To the great displeasure of head coach Martin St-Louis, who has always been fueled by victories, the final run could have a significant impact in view of the next repechage. For the moment, the Coyotes (27-38-13) are 27th with 67 points in the standings, one more than the CH (30-42-6).

Selecting in the top 5

Of course, there is a lot of talk about Connor Bedard and the lottery surrounding the future first choice, but the current end of the season will also influence the selection of the top five or six hopes. Behind Bedard, the next vintage brings together the promising Adam Fantilli, Matvei Michkov, Leo Carlsson, Will Smith, Zach Benson and Dalibor Dvorsky.

By finishing in the bottom five teams overall, the Canadian would secure one of the top seven picks. He would also have a 41.8% probability of picking in the top 5, compared to 15.4% for the club finishing in 27th position.

To avoid headaches , here is a summary of the percentages awarded to the clubs that will finish in 27th and 28th position:

  • % of getting the first choice

28th: ​​8.5%

27th: 7.5%

  • % to select from the top 2

28th: ​​17.3%

27th: 15.4%

  • % of draft in the top 5

28th: ​​41.8%

27th: 15.4%

  • % of picking in the top 6

28th: ​​86%

27th: 49.5%

  • % to select from the top 7

28th: 100%

27th: 90.9%

It must be admitted that the difference is enormous, especially for the obtaining the fifth or sixth choice. This is why the Canadiens and the Coyotes each have an interest in losing by the end of the regular season.

The Habs' last four games are scheduled, by April 13, against the Washington Capitals , Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins. The Coyotes have two meetings with the Seattle Kraken, as well as with the Anaheim Ducks and the Vancouver Canucks.

The next draft has not finished talk. The date of the lottery: May 8.