Here's why the flu will hit harder this year and the best way to protect yourself

Here's why the flu will hit harder this year and the best way protect



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Here's why the flu will hit harder strong this year and the best way to protect yourself

The return of cool weather is generally associated with higher virus spread and many experts predict that the flu will strike earlier and harder this year.

As we anticipate more intense flu activity than seen in the past five years, the flu vaccination campaign begins earlier this fall.

Indeed, as the health measures linked to the pandemic have limited our contact with viruses, our immune defense has been weakened, which puts us at greater risk of contracting the flu. This is all the more true for the most vulnerable groups. 

Furthermore, there has been a record spike in flu cases in Australia during its winter season, which suggests to healthcare professionals health that we could face the same situation.

Get vaccinated: the best way to protect yourself

The whole population is invited to take up the sleeve, and especially the groups most at risk of presenting complications for which the vaccine is offered free of charge. 

These include people aged 75 and over. However, age is not the only risk factor for serious complications. Pregnant women and people with certain chronic diseases such as heart and lung disorders, diabetes, cancer or immune deficiency are also considered to be at risk of developing complications that could lead to hospitalization.

At Pharmaprix, pharmacist-owners and their teams are mobilizing to offer a simple, fast and safe vaccination campaign. You can also take advantage of your appointment to discuss with your pharmacist to ensure that your vaccines against COVID-19 and pneumonia are up to date. According to the Comité sur l'immunization du Québec, the vaccines against COVID-19 and the flu can be administered at the same time without causing serious adverse effects.


It is important to set the record straight regarding some of the ideas that have been circulating about influenza vaccination. 

1. “I'm young and healthy, so I don't need the vaccine.”

FAKE. Anyone can get the flu, whether you are healthy or not. However, the risk of complications and death is higher for the most vulnerable people. 

2. “I'm already vaccinated against COVID-19, so it should be fine.”

FALSE. The COVID-19 vaccine does not protect against the flu. Only the influenza vaccine, available each season and formulated with the four strains anticipated during this period, is your best defense. 

3. “The effectiveness of flu vaccines is not proven. So I take the risk.”

FALSE. The flu vaccine can prevent 70-90% of cases when it contains the strains that spread during the season.

The flu vaccination campaign begins now. Protect yourself as soon as possible by making an appointment to get vaccinated today at your pharmacist -owner affiliated with Pharmaprix.

Here why the flu will hit harder this year and the best way to protect yourself

All vaccines are given by a pharmacist or nurse in pharmacies authorized to administer injections. The pharmacist-owners affiliated with Pharmaprix are solely responsible for the practice of pharmacy.