“He's going to be on the crutch until tomorrow”: Amandine Pellissard without a filter on her husband after receiving naughty gifts

Former star of the Large Families program: life in XXL, Amandine Pellissard recently devoted herself to a new career in X by opening an account on the MYM social network. Very comfortable when it comes to talking about sex, the mother of the family has made very naughty confidences about her husband Alexandre.

Viewers discovered Amandine Pellissard for the first time in Large families: life in XXL on TF1. With her husband Alexandre, they are at the head of a tribe of eight children. The couple, however, decided last October to withdraw from the program that made them known. The mother of the family took the opportunity to announce that she was attacking the chain for “concealed work” as well as for“qualification of contracts”.

In a previous interview with Télé Loisirs, Amandine explained her motivations. “We only signed broadcasting authorizations, like a report with witness status. In a documentary, you do things whether there is a camera or not. register-there”.

If she lives today from her many product placements on social networks, Amandine Pellissard has recently embarked on a brand new business. The influencer decided to open an account on MYM to offer sexy and exclusive content to her fans. “Discover my MYM account. The subscription is 9.99 euros and without obligation. Can't wait to see you there”, she announced proudly. A choice widely criticized on the Web.

Sex? A subject on which Amandine Pellissard is very comfortable. On January 12, the latter confided without embarrassment in Jeremstar's Instagram stories that her intimate life and her life as a mother were working without problem. “The two are finally compatible, we have to stop! Before being a mother, I am a woman. My children, I did not make them by looking my husband in the eye”. This has the merit of being clear.

There is no harm in doing yourself good

Ready to reveal everything of their intimacy, Amandine and Alexandre presented this Sunday, January 15 the different accessories they use after dark. “There is no harm in doing yourself good and frankly, it puts a little spice in the couple”, assures the influencer. Between fine lingerie, candy underwear and other gadgets, Alexandre did not seem to be insensitive. “He's going to be on the crutch until tomorrow morning. That's it, this Chabite is going to be unmanageable. Holy rascal!”, ended up letting go of Amandine.

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