“Hidden hands of all”: Gaitana spoke about a bad habit

The singer admitted that once she was ashamed to go to a beauty salon

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"Прятала руки от всех": Гайтана рассказала о дурной привычке


40-year-old singer Gaitana is quite often recalls the past and is not shy to tell not the most pleasant of situations. So, in April of this year, the actress admitted that for a long time was a drug addict and abused alcohol. And Gaitan remembered another bad habit.

Daughter Gaitana Sapphire-Nicole celebrated her second birthday. The details in the story:

It turned out that once the singer Gaitana was biting nails. The artist could not get rid of the habit, causing embarrassed to go to the beauty salon for a manicure. Moreover, to go on stage, Gaitana wore gloves so no one noticed how her fingers and nails. The singer believes that no one should be ashamed of their complexes, on the contrary, we need to talk about them openly.

“There is nothing wrong to be self-critical. I have not seen people who are 100% happy with yourself… there is Always something that I’d like to cover, change or cut. But I always admire people who can openly declare their complexes. I’ll start with myself. I used to bite nails, and they were in a terrible state, I was ashamed even to come to the salon. I constantly hid his hands from all but the scene was wearing gloves,” admitted Gaitan.

"Прятала руки от всех": Гайтана рассказала о дурной привычке

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