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The CMIOO (Committee of indignant, offended and offended patients) has just announced that Serge Lama will change the lyrics of his famous song I am sick because it violates the “Guide to acceptable lyrics in 2022”. 

Indeed, how can we accept that an individual in perfect health, not suffering from any recognized physical condition, therefore benefiting from the famous Privilège des Bienportants, makes fun of IAMs (Individuals suffering from a disease) by singing: “I am sick , that's it, I'm sick/You deprived me of all my songs/You emptied me of all my words/And my heart is completely sick/Surrounded by barricades/You hear, I'm sick ”.


The descendants of Jacques Brel have announced that the song of the great Jacques Tender heartswill be modified, following a complaint from the LBISPC (Belgian Lobby of individuals suffering from heart problems), because of the following passage, considered derogatory and insulting: “There are some who have such a frail heart/That we would break it finger/There are some whose hearts are too frail/To live like you and me”. 

A complaint was also filed with Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart, Al Green How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Elvis One Broken Heart for Sale and Félix Leclerc who, in Le petit bonheur, sang: “No matter how much I begged him, cajoled him, made a scene for him/Show him the big hole he made in my heart”. 

These artists are accused of associating a negative event (a breakup) with a broken heart, which could cause distress to IASPAs (Individuals who have undergone coronary artery bypass grafting).

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The estate of Johnny Hallyday has announced that the lyrics of the song I will come back in your arms will be changed, after the filing of a complaint by the AMF (Association des penchots de France ), offended by the lyrics: “Tomorrow though/I'll be back in your arms/With love in my hands/I'll be back in your arms/'Cause that's where I'm good”.

Finally, we learn that people suffering from Alzheimer's are seriously considering suing the heirs of Léo Ferré who dared to sing: “With time, go, everything goes away/We forget the face and we forget the voice/With time/With time, goes, everything goes away/Even the nicest memories, you have one of those faces. 


All the examples I have just given you are, of course, fiction, invented from scratch. 

However, we are not that far from the reality.

Beyoncé has just announced that she will change the lyrics of a song from her brand new album, because she uses the word spazz and the verb spazzing, which refer to “spasmodic”. 

This is considered an insult to people who suffer from spasms, especially people with spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy.

“We recognize that the word (spasm) has not been used to hurt intentionally, but the words are powerful and can reinforce negative attitudes towards marginalized groups,” campaigners said.

< p>Using the word “spasm” in a song is considered an “ableist” slur, i.e. discriminating against people with disabilities. 

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