High frequency train: Labeaume and Plante speak with one voice

The Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, joined the mayor of Quebec City in her first official visit to the capital Friday on the need to implement a high-frequency train (TGF) to unite the two cities.

The Montreal-Quebec rivalry does not exist outside the sporting arena, Régis Labeaume reminded us during the presentation of Mrs. Plante, guest speaker at a dinner held by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The first woman at the head of the city has talked a lot about sustainable mobility, congratulating the passing of the tramway project in Quebec City. “After the pink line, I want one too,” she said jokingly, followed by her laugh that sets her apart.

In a common media scramble, the two elected representatives appeared visibly on the same wavelength, particularly in the file of the establishment of a TGF, common stake in both cities. “Via Rail is still in discussion with the federal government, confirmed Mayor Labeaume. I loved the position of the Mayor of Montreal on access to the Mount Royal Tunnel. The knot is there. This is what can make the difference between a project and no project, “he says, pointing out that this issue is important for Quebec.

In fact, the managers of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM), a new 67-kilometer line currently under construction in Montreal, wanted to be the exclusive users of the tunnel. This would have jeopardized the establishment of a TGF Québec-Montreal.

Labeaume still believes in the TGV

The mayor goes further, hoping for a high-speed train. “I still believe in the TGV. I think our country deserves it. It was built with a railway. We could renew that with a TGV. Europe has understood that and the United States is ahead of us. ”

For her part, Ms. Plante says she currently has no preference on the type of transport that could arise. “I always say that we have to propose things, that they are documented, after which we could decide. There are so many options now and technologies evolve every time. ”

The only condition it poses is that the project presented is viable. That would be the kind of project I would gladly support. ”

And since there was also a lot of active transportation, the meeting ended with a proposal from Mrs. Plante to walk from the convention center to City Hall for a quick tour of the venue. An offer declined by the mayor, overwhelmed by a back pain.

For the record, the mayor also visited the in-laws at Sainte-Foy before heading back to the metropolis.

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