High School Musical, The Mandalorian… series and original movies in preparation for Disney+

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

High School Musical, The Mandalorian… the series and film originals in preparation for Disney+

It’s official : Disney+ will come in November in the United States and in 2020 in us in France. To compete with Netflix, the new platform will offer films and series already released but also many of the original contents, unissued. The series is inspired by High School Musical that inspired Star Wars, The Mandalorian, passing by the new versions of lady and The Tramp, and Merlin the enchanter, zoom in on the series and film originals in preparation for Disney+.


High School Musical : The Musical

Still no news of the potential 4th installment of the saga High School Musical, but the cult films will return with a series… or almost. In fact, it is a particular format that has been adopted for this series : we follow a group of teens from East high school High which wish to mount a production of High School Musical. The casting has already been announced and the project is very advanced. We do not know, however, not if some actors of the saga of the original will be asked the time of an episode.

The Mandalorian

While Star Wars 9 will be released in the cinema on December 18, Disney+ is also preparing a series focused on the universe created by George Lucas. The Mandalorian was written and produced by Jon Favreau who also dirigié to the studio remakes of the Jungle Book and the Lion King which will be released in July. It is already known that the action of the film will take place between Return of The Jedi and The Awakening of the Force and will be centered on a mercenary, Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal (Narcos, Game of Thrones). The cast also includes Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, or Giancarlo Esposito.

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

The first image of the series ” the Mandalorian

A series on Loki

Marvel will also be in honor of Disney+ ! Among the projects ? A series on Loki with Tom Hiddleston in the cast. The actor will resume his role in this show, which has not yet been a title that has been created and will be produced by Michael Waldron, one of the persons at the origin of the animated series Rick and Morty. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this series promises to be special as the brother of Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) would have to travel back in time to influence major events in the story. A concept that is not without reminding us of the starting point of the excellent series Timeless, cancelled after two seasons.

A series based on Love Simon

Last summer, Love, Simon has attracted many viewers in cinemas. No action has yet been announced for the film with Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford but it’s going to be re-adapted, in series this time. In reality, this series would be more developed as a suite since it should adapt to “Leah” on the Offbeat”, the sequel to the first book written by Becky Albertalli. It will follow the character of Leah, who is none other than the best friend of Simon (and that was played in the film by Katherine Langford) who is going to face many questions about his life, his relationships, and his sexuality and his inability to integrate as the other.

Monsters at Work

6 years after the release of Monsters Academy, the sequel to of Monsters and Cie output in 2001, the universe of the watches will come back in the series. Monsters at Work should be focused on a new monster named Tylor Tuskmon who is a mechanic, and dream to be like his heroes Bob and Sully. The two characters should come back as John Goodman and Billy Crystal are expected to again lend their voices to the characters. Side voice cast, we also know of Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars), Henry Winkler (that’s arrested Development), Lucas Neff and Alanna Ubach were recruited.


As its name indicates, WandaVision will be centred on two members of the Avengers : the Red Witch, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, both of which are dead at the end of Avengers : Infinity War. These are also the two actors of the film, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, who will play new characters. No other details have been unveiled for the time being.

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

WandaVision : the Red Witch and Vision soon to be stars of a series on Disney+

A series on Cassian Andor

The side of Star Wars, Disney+ is also preparing a series on Cassian Andor, the hero of Rogue One. We will meet the character played by Diego Luna – who will resume his role well before his encounter with Jyn Erso, during the first years of the Rebellion. “This thriller will explore missions espionnages to restore hope in the galaxy while the Empire is raging,” promises the official summary.

A series on the Falcon, and the Soldier of the winter

We will finish by to believe that all the super-heroes of the MCU will end up on Disney+ ! The platform is also working on another series centered on the characters of the Falcon, and the Soldier of the Winter. The two heroes should form a team, and good news : Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are also expected to re-enlist.

Star Wars : The Clone Wars, season 7

Aired between 2008 and 2014 on the Cartoon Network, Star Wars : The Clone Wars will be entitled to a seventh season thanks to Disney+. The platform has already-and-already ordered 12 new episodes of the animated series.

Series not entitled on Hawkeye

When you are told that they will be all over Disney+ ! Hawkeye should also have a right to his moment of glory. This week, we learned that Jeremy Renner would be in the casting of a series centered on his character… with a twist ! The character of Clint Barton should pass the torch to Kate Bishop, another heroine in the comics having picked up the name of Hawkeye. According to rumors, it should be presented in Avengers : Endgame and might even be played by Katherine Langford. Nothing has been confirmed for the moment.

Book of Enchantment

You have always dreamed to see fulfilled the evil of Disney ? This will soon be possible in a Book of Enchantment, a series that will bring together including Ursula from the Little Mermaid and Maleficent from The beautiful to the Sleeping beauty. The series will be based on the novels by Serena Valentino.

What If… ?

On the side of Marvel (yes, again !), Disney+ will also launch an animated series entitled What If… ? (And if… in French). This series of comics was created in 1977 and has fun to revisit the times cults Marvel with a big change. Each episode of the series should return to a moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while making big changes. Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel studios, has explained, for example, that the first episode will show what could have happened if Peggy Carter had been transformed into super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers.

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

Disney+ : soon a series adapted from the comics What if… Marvel


Lady and the Tramp

As Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin and Mulan, will be entitled to an exit on the big screen, this will not be the case in the remake of lady and The Tramp. The new film is expected to be available only on Disney+ and will be doubled in the original version by Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson aka Valkyrie in the MCU.


Such as Netflix, Disney+ will unveil also a Christmas movie. Anna Kendrick will play… the daughter of Father Christmas. Originally planned for the film, the film will eventually be only available on the platform. The actress of Twilight and Pitch Perfect will be Nicole who will take over from his father after the latter had retired. She will join her brother, played by Bill Hader, who has a small problem : he suffers from anxiety in the face of the enormity of his mission. It should at least claim The Princess of Chicago !


Willem Dafoe will be the hero of Togo , which recounts a touching true story that took place in 1925 in Alaska. Affected by an epidemic, a small town must obtain an urgent remedy. Only way to get there : use a sled and dogs. Two mushers will then have to relay on more than 1000 miles. Willem Dafoe will play one of the heroes of this story, Leonhard Seppala.

A remake of Merlin the enchanter

Another Disney movie to see soon the right to its remake ? Merlin the enchanter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo plancherait on a revisit of the story of Merlin and Arthur, but no other details were given.

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

Merlin : soon a remake on Disney+

A film about Bo Peep

2019 marks the return of Toy Story with a fourth installment that will be released in cinemas on June 26 next. The trailer has already terrified fans, but another film that focused on the universe would also be in preparation : it would allow us to know what happened to Bo Peep after Toy Story 2. It is valid !

Magic Camp

After When We First Met , and Isn t It Romantic on Netflix, Adam Devine happening in the competition with Magic Camp. The film should tell the story of Andy, a young magician who returns to the summer camp he attended during his childhood in the hope of boosting his career. Gillian Jacobs should play the former partner and rival of Adam Devine.

A remake of Three men and a baby

In 1987 came to the United States Three men and a baby, a remake of the French film Three men and a baby basket, with Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson . Disney+ would have for a project to produce a remake around the divine comedy, but no official announcement has been made for the moment.

A remake of Honey, I shrunk the kids

Another film that could be a new version ? Honey, I shrunk the kids ! The first film of what would become a trilogy, released in 1989 in the USA, and in 1990 to us in France. As for Three men and a baby, nothing is official for the moment, but the studio would have referred to a possible remake.

High School Musical, The Mandalorian... les séries et films originaux en préparation pour Disney+

A remake of Honey, I shrunk the kids in preparation for Disney+

An adaptation of Don Quixote

In 2016, Disney announced its intention to develop a new adaptation of the famous novel Don Quixote of Cervantes. As a reminder, the book published in the Seventeenth century tells the story of a man from middle class who thinks himself to be a knight and will embark on an adventure out of the ordinary. This is a screenwriter ofHunger Games, Billy Ray, who would have been hired to write the screenplay for the film that the studio wants to be in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean.


No, we’re not talking about the super-heroine (since, in addition, it is a character of DC Comics and not Marvel), but an adaptation of the novel by Jerry Spinelli. It tells the story of a young girl, very released called Stargirl. Very eccentric but nice, it is not very popular in his high school apart from his best friend Leo. It is Grace Vanderwaal who will embody and the film is already shot !


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