High school student at the front full time

Élève du secondaire au front à temps plein

A young graduate, 17-year-old works full-time in a CHSLD de Saint-Hyacinthe in addition to the clogged double to finish at a distance his or her secondary education.

“We are really proud [of Ariadne], it is not all young people who are involved at this point during the crisis. It has beautiful values and it has at heart the well-being of its residents. She loves it, and you can feel it, ” says the mother of the graduate, Julie Valley.

Since 17 April, Ariane Valley-Guérin has been working full-time at the hosting Centre of the Hôtel-Dieu-de-Saint-Hyacinthe, where it takes care of its residents, the heart on the hand.

There, she dedicated herself to feeding the beneficiaries and respond to their needs, while helping employees in their daily tasks.

“I’m in nursing at the cegep of Saint-Hyacinthe this fall,” says the graduate. My brother is attendant to the beneficiaries as well, so he advised me to start right away, since the job that I did not require additional studies. “

“Very proud of “

Described as a young woman, very empathetic, the future nurse is doing everything to appease the residents in this difficult period, even going so far as to sing and dance with them to put a smile on their face, ” adds his mother.

“She always comes out of work by saying “I’ve done good to people”. Before working there, she had a certain reluctance, and she was afraid she would not be comfortable, but it has fallen into it, and this is the fun of the see “, she continues, proud of his daughter.

Ariane Valley-Guérin dream of becoming a military nurse with the canadian armed Forces, to be able to continue to surpass themselves every day.

A challenge

“It is mostly the fact that it is not in a hospital setting which makes it different and challenging to practice this profession. This is a big personal challenge. […] I like to help people and be there for them, ” she explains.

In parallel, the young woman completed her secondary education at the école Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe at a rate of five days per week.

“It’s been big weeks for me,” she said, laughing.

Fortunately, his teachers were understanding to his cause, and encouraged him to continue.

“They were very proud of me, to work like that in the middle of the health, and they have all supported me to continue. The majority has made video clips to catch up, and they put a lot of resources at my disposal “, she argues.

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