Higher power whacked on the head Pugachev, now she is completely healthy

Высшие силы огрели по голове Пугачеву, теперь она полностью здорова

70-year-old prima Donna of the Russian and Soviet singer Alla Pugacheva, in spite of his advanced age enjoys life and brings together with the young husband Maxim Galkin two beautiful children Lisa and Harry. Pugacheva is awash in people’s love and often share with the public and journalists with stories from his personal life, talks about his health and previous marriages. Alla Borisovna is a deeply religious person, and recently told reporters the story of the amazing healing in my life.

Some time ago Alla Pugacheva suffered from problems with the vestibular apparatus and suffered permanent vertigo.

“This garbage: the rise and fall. Dizzy. Therefore, the planes do not fly. And I started this in Jurmala. At first I thought it would heal. Not passed,” recalled Joe.

When the disease first manifested itself, the singer was at a friend’s house Laima Vaikule. The friend showed the Diva of American physicians.

“They say you only have one expert on this topic, Melnikov in Moscow. I shout: “Fast airline tickets!” It was my first flight in many years. Found, got, went. Put on your feet. Exercises, special glasses, research…” – said Alla Pugacheva.

To celebrate, star, taking children in his arms, flew on holiday in Italy. When it came time to go to bed, Donna once again felt unwell. Lying on his left side, Alla felt dizzy.

Artist then got scared on the nose concert in Russia, and she is stuck in Europe. How to return home? “Let’s pray. Say, “Lord, what is that to me? Do something that’s impossible. And how am I going?” – said the singer.

Higher power heard the call of a celebrity. Healing came quickly and unexpectedly.

“Go up the stairs to his room, and then the transom window closed – click on it to open it. I think it’s stuffy, somehow, should be open. Press, and she – Bang on my head. Much in the eyes darkened. You think, okay, here and prayed… what do you think? Passed everything! PAH-PAH,” – said the star.

Recall that Kirkorov tried to discourage Pugacheva Galkin song: here is a gift for an anniversary.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by a scandal due to sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.

Galkin also staged trolling hard Sobchak.

And former wife of Vladimir Kuzmin told about the children Pugacheva from him.


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