Higher risk of suicide among veterans

Risque plus élevé de suicide chez les vétérans

OTTAWA – The risk of suicide in the country is “consistently higher” among the veterans, whether men or women, than in the general population.

This is what is shown in the Study on the mortality by suicide among veterans (EMSV) 2019, which analyses the data over a period of 39 years, from 1976 to 2014. This third edition of the EMSV continues to conform to the other, note-t-on.

Thus, male veterans younger had the highest risk of suicide. Those under 25 years of age had a risk of suicide is 2.5 times higher than others of the same age group in the general population.

For women veteran, they had 1.8 times more risk than other women. The risk for women veteran was relatively similar, regardless of the age group.

“On the other hand, the risk observed of suicide among veterans has not increased or decreased during the period of 39 years”, a-t-on specified.

Made in collaboration with the ministry of national Defence and Statistics Canada, this “important tool” to assist Ottawa to better understand the “complex and tragic” suicide among veterans as well as potential risk factors.

Ottawa has clarified that the data collected in its most recent annual report is consistent with the other on mortality from suicide among veterans here and elsewhere.

“Every time we lose a veteran, it is a great tragedy, and we must continue to strive to do everything in our power to prevent suicide among veterans,” said Thursday in a press release the minister of veterans affairs, Lawrence MacAulay.

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