Highway 15 is closed at the end of the week in Montreal

L’autoroute 15 fermée en fin de semaine à Montréal

Highway 15 will be closed at the end of the week to Montreal between the bridge Samuel-De Champlain and the Turcot interchange.

The bridge Honoré-Mercier and Jacques-Cartier bridge will also work, as a part of highway 40, between Décarie and Saint-Laurent boulevard.

Highway 15

Highway 15 will be closed between the Turcot interchange and boulevard Gaétan-Laberge in the north direction, from Friday 23 to Monday, 5 a.m.; the southbound lanes are from Thursday and will reopen Monday morning.

To reach the bridge, Samuel De Champlain, it will go through the city of Montreal, taking the exit 4 of route 136 to the street of the Mountain, then take the rue Saint-Jacques, boulevard Robert-Bourassa and finally highway 10.

To reach the Turcot interchange, it is the path in the opposite direction. Motorists will have to take the highway 10 and then the boulevard Robert-Bourassa and René Lévesque boulevard to take route 136 from the street of the Fort.

Honoré-Mercier bridge and Jacques-Cartier

The Honoré-Mercier bridge will be closed in a southerly direction to Kahnawake Saturday 2 pm to Monday 5 am. The deviation will be in the opposite direction, with one lane per direction.

The Jacques-Cartier bridge also offers since Thursday evening, one lane in each direction until Monday 12 h. the exits to the park Jean-Drapeau and the inputs from the streets of Sainte-Hélène, and Saint-Laurent are closed de facto.

Highway 40 Is

Highway 40 has been closed since Thursday between interstate 510 and Décarie. From Friday, 22 h, the closure will be extended until Saint-Laurent boulevard.

The cars will have to pass through the service roads to bypass the construction site.

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