Highway code, coworking space, services: The Nîmes Esplanade Post office renovated to keep pace with changes in society

Highway code, coworking space, services: The Nîmes Esplanade Post office renovated to keep pace with changes in society

Les locaux rénovés du bureau de Poste Nîmes Esplanade ont été inaugurés ce jeudi 11 avril. MIKAËL ANISSET – Midi Libre

The Nîmes Esplanade Post Office has benefited from a renovation to keep pace with developments in society and offer multiple services. The inauguration took place this Thursday, April 11 in the presence of many elected officials from the City.

The Nîmes Esplanade Post Office has changed era in recent days after benefiting from a renovation of its premises a stone's throw from the station and the arenas. Five months of work, from October 2023 to the end of last February, were necessary to give "the most beautiful setting, a very beautiful modernization", says Christelle Hurtado, director of the general public and digital branch in Occitanie, present at the inauguration this Thursday, April 11 in the morning.

La Poste invested 685 000 € to give the public "everything we know how to do best. We integrated societal and digital developments", confided Christelle Hurtado. Around the Nîmes Esplanade Post Office team, municipal councilors Julien Plantier, Sophie Roulle, Xavier Douais, Richard Tibérino, Valentine Wolber were also able to visit, during the inauguration this Thursday, the premises renovated which have gained depth, a more airy space which has benefited from acoustic and lighting arrangements.

Coworking space

On a screen hung on a wall, images of animals play in a loop, just to calm visitors and staff alike. For agents, a new coworking, collaborative work and exchange space has been created. Bank advisor offices to receive customers in complete confidentiality have been designed for meetings even if it is possible to do the same remotely.

An area intended for professionals (businesses, local authorities), in the presence of advisors, has been provided, as has a space for the collection and deposit of packages, in particular independently with the locker system.

Of course, all products (stamps, envelopes and other envelopes, La Poste mobile) are available, as are cash transactions, support for the Postal and Heritage Bank. A person has also been trained to communicate in sign language with visitors with disabilities, a Nîmes initiative recognized at the national level.

Passing the highway code

In addition, from next June, six days a week, at twenty sessions per week, the public will be able to pass the car, motorcycle and boat highway code. These new features for staff and these supports for the general public were welcomed by Anne Levasseur, sub-prefect of Vigan, as well as by the first deputy mayor of Nîmes Julien Plantier.

Even if the latter recalled the recent closure of the Beausoleil postal office and the extremis rescue of that of Gambetta, he praised the partnership between the City and La Poste. To maintain the activity of La Poste in the Nîmes territory.

What summer hours for the Nîmes Post offices ?

In June, after the February and March meetings, the territorial postal presence commission will give the new opening hours for the summer in the Nîmes Post offices. The result of reflections and adjustments in relation to the drop in attendance observed in recent years, during the summer, in several districts of Nîmes.

You should know that the postal presence contract, a partnership between La Poste, the State and the Association of Mayors of France, is renewed every three years, which leads to office transformations and schedule adjustments. "We can go so far as to close an office for three weeks maximum. But our idea is to harmonize the opening hours of offices that are close to each other", explains Frédéric Perrin, deputy executive director in charge of presence and territorial coverage at La Poste. Furthermore, the latter reiterated the desire of the La Poste group to be present in Pissevin despite the changes linked to urban renovation.

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