Hillary (The Ch’tis) betrothed to Giovanni, she unveils her magnificent Cartier ring (and the plays SM)

Hillary (Les Ch'tis) fiancée à Giovanni, elle dévoile sa magnifique bague Cartier (et la joue SM)

Hillary (The Ch’tis) betrothed to Giovanni, she reveals her beautiful Cartier ring

In a short time, Hillary Vanderosieren will become the wife of Giovanni Bonamy. The former candidate des Ch’tis, in fact, betrothed to his beloved. The star of reality-tv announced the news on Instagram, saying in passing his love for his fiancé and revealing the diamond ring, Cartier, with which he made his claim.

Hillary has said “yes”

While Hillary that is unveiled with Illan or Sarah Lopez on a first photo Angels 12 announced a great new side privacy this time. The one that was already in The Angels in 11 on NRJ12 said “yes” to the marriage proposal of Giovanni. The candidate of reality tv is now officially engaged to the runner up season 2 of I’m a celebrity, get me out of there. It is on their accounts Instagram respective that Hillary Vanderosieren and Giovanni Bonamy have shared their engagement with their subscribers.

In the caption of his post Insta, the former star of the Ch’tis (which calls for the return of the programme) has declared his love to her future husband. “Fiancée” she said, overjoyed, “My promise is to love you for eternity @gioboyparis #TrueLove #LoveYou #Eternity #LoveOfMyLife”. For his part, Giovanni wrote part of the lyrics of the title Eternity Robbie Williams : “You were there for summer dreaming And you gave me what I need And I hope you find your freedom For eternity”.

They reveal his Cartier ring

In addition to the photo from a photo shoot SM (Giovanni with a dog collar and mittens and Hillary in their underwear, and mittens) and the cliché of lovers in a romantic bath with flower petals (taken at the Es Saadi hotel in Marrakech), the couple has also unveiled the engagement ring. A diamond ring, Cartier, superb in its setting red iconic jewelry brand of French luxury.

Hillary (Les Ch'tis) fiancée à Giovanni, elle dévoile sa magnifique bague Cartier (et la joue SM)

Hillary (The Ch’tis) betrothed to Giovanni

Hillary (The Ch’tis) betrothed to Giovanni

It is a beautiful solitaire, which was also posted in story Instagram, with another tube of Robbie Williams in the background (Angels). The one who has also participated in Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers and The Princes and Princesses of love on the W9, however, has not specified the date of their marriage. It must be said that apart from a few images of them, they remain discrete. Giovanni had also confessed to PRBK do not have “desire to spread its torque with Hillary”.

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