Hiring of illegal workers: the discharge is denied

Embauche de travailleurs illégaux: l'absolution inconditionnelle lui est refusée

Judge Rachel Gagnon has refused to absolve unconditionally the former president of The Residences Chanoine-Scott, who has admitted, in February last, to have hired and work done over a period of two years nine workers were illegal aliens.

The president of the Tribunal has decided to defer the sentencing of Philippe Thomassin, and this, for a period of 18 months.

The 65 year-old man will also, in the course of the next twelve months to make a$ 10,000 donation to the acquired Service support to the adaptation of immigrants and immigrant (development occurred), and perform 200 hours of community work.

The instigator of the stratagem

In making its decision, the court has upheld, as aggravating factors, the fact that the actions alleged against the sexagenarian had been installed on a “regular and repeated for almost two years”, and that the offender was “the instigator of the scheme put in place”.

In terms of mitigating factors, the president of the Tribunal considered the plea of guilt of the accused, his remorse and regrets, which appeared sincere, and the fact that the businessman was “without antecedent” and, as a result of his arrest, he had been forced to resign from his post.

Without paper

Recall that between may 2016 and march 2018, Thomassin has used a system of “nominee” or still, it was paying its employees by cheque, in cash, or in “good and/or services” to be able to hire undocumented workers.

During his guilty plea, the man had pointed out to the prosecutor, Me Frank D’amours, having acted as such because that since 2005, “good girls quebec turned more and more to the public.”

To be able to work in a residential home for the elderly and satisfy the requirements related to the Act on the Immigration and refugee protection act, immigrants must have a work permit and a social insurance number, which was not the case for nine of the employees of the residence located at 809 avenue Chanoine-Scott.

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