Hiring of police officers: “22 days to break the first promise”

Police hiring: & ldquo; 22 days to break first promise & rdquo;

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The official opposition in Montreal accuses Mayor Valérie Plante of having misled citizens after she promised to hire 250 additional police officers during the election campaign. & nbsp;

“I do not understand how in just 22 days, we already have a broken promise,” denounced Aref Salem, leader of Ensemble Montréal.

  • Listen to the interview of Ensemble Montréal conductor Aref Salem with Benoit Dutrizac on QUB Radio:

During the election campaign, Denis Coderre, who was then party leader, promised to hire 250 police officers to fill the workforce of the Montreal Police Department (SPVM). Currently, the provincial government authorizes the SPVM to have 4,802 police officers. However, its current workforce is currently below this limit. It is this gap that Mr. Coderre promised to fill.

At the beginning of November, Ms. Plante, who was then a candidate for her own re-election, had in turn promised to hire 250 additional police officers. at the SPVM.

However, an investigation by Radio-Canada indicates that these new promised staff will mainly compensate for retirements, and that the net addition of police officers will be limited.

Ms. Plante denies having lied. “I don't want to leave these figures vague. For me, it has always been clear that between today and December 2022, there would be 250 police officers who would be hired, and that that would include retirements, ”she justified.

< p> An explanation that leaves the official opposition unmoved.

“I think she deliberately misled people. Today, we are playing with the numbers, but the reality is that there is already a broken promise, ”reiterated Mr. Salem.

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