His 60th birthday Madonna has decided to celebrate on the market (photos)

Свое 60-летие Мадонна решила отпраздновать на рынке (фото)

Thursday, August 16, the Queen of pop music Madonna is 60 years old. The American singer has decided to celebrate the anniversary in Marrakech. This ancient town in Morocco a long time she likes.

Свое 60-летие Мадонна решила отпраздновать на рынке (фото)

Greetings from Marrakech

Hero of the occasion put on his page on Facebook two pictures from Marrakech, which has delighted an army of fans. Madonna wrote that the morning will go for a walk through the narrow streets of the Medina (Arab towns called old quarters) and be sure to visit the famous local market.

Свое 60-летие Мадонна решила отпраздновать на рынке (фото)

The day of the anniversary started well

Unknown, she warned the police about it officially, or the guards in Morocco are active users of social networks, but reinforced patrols appeared on the approaches to the market in Marrakech before the minaret singing Mullah.

“FACTS” I wish the mother health and a lovely walk around the Medina, and our readers are invited to remember what the famous American pop diva.

Debut album entitled Madonna, the singer released in 1993. So this year for her anniversary twice. Since then, the Queen of pop held 10 world tour and sold worldwide more than 300 million copies of their albums on different media. This makes Madonna the most commercially successful singer in the history of recording that is officially recorded in the Guinness Book of records.

In addition, Madonna’s albums more often than any other performers took first place in the American and British charts. On top of them visited 12 of the singer’s albums. More was only The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Свое 60-летие Мадонна решила отпраздновать на рынке (фото)

Madonna and all of her children

Another record was set by a collection of the best hits of Madonna’s Immaculate Collection. It came out in 1990 and lasted in the charts in the US and UK 338 consecutive weeks or six and a half years!

In the top five British hit parade visited at different times of the 46 songs of the Madonna. Was more than just Elvis Presley.

Forbes magazine ocenivaet condition Madonna $ 580 million. She is the richest singer in the world. Celine Dion, ranked second, earned in his career of $ 200 million.

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