His composure allowed him to thwart the plan of a kidnapper

Son sang-froid lui a permis de déjouer le plan d’un ravisseur

Thanks to its incredible calm, a young psycho-educator was able last fall to escape the clutches of a Montreal troubled which had developed a machiavellian plan in view of the sequester for a long time. Revealed in court, the details of his project give the creeps.

Ghislain Laplante has been detained since his arrest on September 5, 2019.

Rented cottage for three months in the Cantons-de-l’est, handcuffs, women’s underwear, sex toys, weapons : it is terrifying to see the extent to which Ghislain Laplante had long prepared before committing his crime.

His evil plan was unveiled to the big day in march, at the palais de justice of Montreal, when the 40 year old man has pleaded guilty in soft.

It is, however, passed over in silence, as all eyes were then turned to the trial of the facilitator deposed Éric Salvail, who was in the room… in the face.

Fortunately for Vicky (fictitious name), she has not had to undergo all the abuse that her kidnapper had in mind.

On September 5, 2019, at about 9 p.m., the woman, 26-year-old went to his office in a social pediatrics centre in the South-West of Montreal.

Descending from his vehicle, the psycho-educator note the presence of the father of a child which she cares for a few months, on the other side of the street.

Laplante is wearing a hoodie, sunglasses and a backpack. He approaches Vicky in the directing to return to his car, because he needs to talk to him.

The young woman understands that the father of the family does not intend to laugh when she sees a butt stock of a firearm that comes out of his pants.

“I’m not going to hurt, I just want to talk to you,” says Laplante by showing off the gun at the victim. He adds, however, that he ” will not hesitate if it is a silliness “.

He asked him to put in the road and the guide to go on the South Shore.

Laplante himself states that they are in the direction of a cottage in the Cantons-de-l’est, where they will be able to benefit from a quieter environment to talk.

Flash of genius

In a flash of genius, Vicky to believe her kidnapper that she must recharge the battery of his electric vehicle.

Knowing that there are terminals at the RONA store in the quartier Dix30, in Brossard, she explains to the Company that it must make a stop, to which the latter assents.

Once on site, noting that all the stations refills are occupied, Vicky he mentions that she should go inform inside the store to find out when it will be able to use it.

As soon as output of her car, the young woman bolts like a gazelle toward the back of the warehouse.

The scene, which is filmed by surveillance cameras, shows Laplante who exits the vehicle about a minute later headed in the same direction as the victim.

A refugee at the hardware store

By luck, the employees of RONA had already opened the door to the young woman, who took refuge in the store until the arrival of emergency.

During this time, Laplante fled on foot in the direction of the highway 10, through which it passes to hide in the bushes.

He calls himself ” 9-1-1, saying that he just has to remove someone and that he is waiting police in a wooded area adjacent to the expressways.

The officers in the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil localize it 30 minutes later and proceed to his arrest deemed at high risk.

When the patrol asked Laplante if he is armed, he responded that everything is in his backpack, close to.

The police found paraphernalia : weapon, air guns, ammunition, hunting knife, six pairs of handcuffs – four for the wrists and two for ankles, a wolf (shields the eyes), adhesive tape, lubricant, condoms, a hooded sweater pink for girl with sequins, sunglasses for women and kids and keys.

Brought into cell, Laplante told the agents that he rented a cottage in the eastern Townships six days earlier, for three months.

Taxi ride to the eastern Townships

With no car, the resident of Montreal was made in a taxi in the end of the previous week to drop off the items purchased in anticipation of his plan.

Clothing and shoes for women, bras, sex toys used to practice sadomasochism, handcuffs, condoms, knife, and second air gun are included.

Laplante has even installed a canvas of red plastic in the bed as well as clips to hold someone.

Regarding these last items, which can leave them confused, Laplante has revealed to investigators that he had installed the canvas ” so as not to dirty the sheets, because he had the intention to butcher someone “, according to what was reported during the bail hearing of the kidnapper.

During his interrogation, Laplante explained to the police officers of Montreal the details of his plan.

If Vicky had not fled, he would have brought to the chalet under the threat of his weapon, and would be tied to a bed. He then allegedly gagged with adhesive tape special ” that not to tear off the hairs “.

Laplante also had to call for a prostitute to do the sm.

The ultimate goal of the plan was, according to him, to call the police for them to fall to their arrival.

Life incognito

And if ever by a miracle he survived, the kidnapper had thought to make arrangements for a home in the east end of Montreal, with a phone plugged in, under a different name, to start a new life incognito.

To procure the money, he intended to steer the unknown and steal their credit cards.

But this is not all. He also admitted to a sergente detective that this is not Vicky that he wanted to remove, but rather Zoe (fictitious name), the mother of a child attending the school of his son.

As Zoe is often in the company of his children, the offender had also provided clothes for them, in case he should remove them also.

Laplante had a fixation on Zoe. He saw her on the occasion of the school and extracurricular activities, until one day, due to an inappropriate behavior, the content of which was not specified in court, the school has banned access. x

The forty-something woman begins to harass Zoe by text messages. During the summer of 2019, Zoe asked him to stop and tells him that she needs air and time.

Rather than comply with this request, the Company undertakes to follow the mother when she jogs.

The day of the kidnapping Vicky, Zoe, has received a ” Message to the media “, where Laplante wrote be depression and wanting to commit suicide, because Zoe did not give it all the attention it would need.

It describes the abduction and ends thus : “My crime is horrible and my request for compassion may seem ironic, yet it is not. With a little compassion, without doubt, I would still have a life and I would not have destroyed as many lives around me.”

Laplante has finally set his sights on Vicky, because it was more simple and that she had… a car.

“I made gestures, I can’t really deny them,” said the middle-aged to the judge Guylaine Rivest in march, pleading guilty to heads of abduction and harassment.


When judge Pierre Dupras has refused to surrender Laplante in freedom a few months earlier, he spoke of a crime of great violence, long prepared.

“The theory of the Crown is that the accused had initially intended to sequester the victim for a long period of time,” said the magistrate.

The prosecutor, Mr. Jérôme Laflamme, moreover, has not ruled out asking that the kidnapper is evaluated to determine whether it should be declared a long term offender or dangerous, even though he has no criminal record.

At the stage of the award, Vicky and Zoe will speak to the judge Rivest explaining to him the magnitude of the consequences that the actions of Ghislain Laplante have had on their lives.

A plan in several stages

Laplante had almost everything planned in planning for the removal of the psycho-educator of his son.


In his bag

  • Air gun
  • Ammunition
  • Hunting knife
  • Six pairs of handcuffs
  • Headband for the eyes
  • Condoms and lubricant

At the cottage

  • Food
  • Air gun
  • Ammunition
  • Vibrators
  • The ball-gag silicone
  • Clip-nipples
  • Device to spread her legs
  • Clothing and under-clothing for woman
  • Plastic canvas
  • Fasteners
  • Condoms
  • Knife
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