His ex would have benefited from the fact that she did not see the fly

Son ex aurait profité du fait qu’elle ne voit pas pour la voler

A young woman blind from the Montérégie calls for 55 000 $ to his ex-spouse, who would have taken advantage of his disability and its vulnerability to squander all his savings.

“There’s something in me that was broken when I learned of all this, says Valerie Horth, who is a social worker in McMasterville. When we say that we give blind trust to someone, well in my case it’s totally what happened ! “

In a civil lawsuit recently filed in the courthouse in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, the 27 year old woman describes how she discovered the pot with roses in may 2018, while she was in the Gaspé with his mother.

She accuses her ex-husband, Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau, him stealing more than $55,000.

Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau, with which it formed a couple for four years, was unreachable, and the balance of their joint account was ” abnormally low “, one reads in the query.

Due to the visual disability and physical Ms. Horth, which prevents it from seeing and feeling anything on her fingers, she had delegated some responsibilities to her lover of the time.

Manage accounts and invoices, was one of them.

After verification, the young woman realized that several thousand dollars had gone missing from their joint account and his personal account.

Games, tools and clothing

The one who had to deal with it would have rather multiplied the withdrawals and expenses, including to buy video games, tools and clothing, according to the court document.

At the time of separation, the couple had to buy her first home in Chateauguay.

Valerie Horth, however, became disillusioned when she realized that she would have been only to pay the significant costs associated with the property, such as notary fees and taxes, in addition to the regular expenses, such as groceries.

In the end, the young woman believes that the alleged fraud of her ex-husband, amounted to more than $ 55,000, and requires repayment in order to continue his life.

Stress and depression

The stress that has resulted in the situation has even affected her health and she had to be hospitalized for a few days. She also suffered from depression.

“I have a new boyfriend since a year and a half, and it is certain that the trauma is never so far away,” she says. At times, I have my doubts and I have to talk to me and continue to work on it. “, she says.

Valerie Horth has quickly put the house up for sale after the separation, in addition to filing a police complaint against Kevin Lalonde-Rousseau, 30 years old.

The latter was arrested in December and is now facing charges of fraud and theft at the palais de justice in Saint-Hyacinthe. He was released pending further proceedings.

It has been impossible to contact the accused to obtain his version of the facts.

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