His father dies of COVID-19 in a CHSLD: “we do not trust the system”

Her father dies of COVID-19 in CHSLD: & ldquo; we don't have not trust the system

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The report of the Ombudsperson on the deaths in CHSLDs during the first wave of COVID-19 rekindles great pain for the families of seniors who died in these establishments.

Rui Costa, whose father died of coronavirus at CHSLD Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, in Montreal, finds it difficult to hear the conclusions of Marie Rinfret's report. & nbsp ;

“We were left on our own, and that's the sad part. And to hear the report coming out again, that's exactly it. There really was a lack of all the stakeholders. And yes, it’s burdensome to relive it and see it again, ”he laments.

Mr. Costa admits his confidence in the health care system is shaken.

“We blame the system because we don't want to put our parents, anyone, in the hands of a system we trusted, a system we pay for. My father worked all his life and we paid for this system, he paid all his life, ”he says in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

He and his three brothers made the decision to keep their mother at home rather than send her to a CHSLD. & Nbsp;

“We don't trust the system. That's why we have our mother who is at home and we take care of her. We alternate between the 4 brothers to take care of it “, affirms Mr. Costa. & Nbsp;

” A certain carelessness “

Other actors of the communities who sounded the alarm bells during the first waves of COVID-19 are also reacting to the Ombudsperson's report. & nbsp;

“Let us stop telling ourselves that we did the best we could under difficult conditions and that we come to realize that we made serious mistakes”, asks Patrick Martin-Ménard, a lawyer who represents families of seniors who died in CHSLDs. & nbsp;

For the president of the Council for the protection of the sick, the report shows negligence towards the elderly. & nbsp;

“This, in my opinion, sums up a certain, probably very reckless carelessness towards the lives of the elderly who have been abandoned,” he criticizes.

Predict the Federation of Quebec workers, for their part, denounce the too imposing size of the system that was created by Bill 10. & nbsp;

“These huge monsters, what it does is that it's hospital-centric, that's where it bleeds, and that creates that kind of situation there, ”says Daniel Boyer. & nbsp;

According to information from Andy St-André

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