His fiancee dies on the road: “The only thing that hangs on my life is my daughter,” says a grieving father

Her fianc & eacute; e dies on the road: & ldquo; The only thing that hangs on me ; life is my daughter & rdquo ;, says a grieving father

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The Ministry of Transport must act to secure Route 169 between Saint-Prime and Roberval, implored the fiancé of a 27-year-old woman who perished there in a violent accident on Wednesday morning. & nbsp;

“We had a project to buy a house, we dreamed of getting married, but all that fell through … The only thing that hangs on me in life is my daughter”, breathes Michael. Allard, a tremolo in his voice.

On Wednesday morning, a violent collision involving three vehicles on route 169 between Saint-Prime and Roberval, in Lac-Saint-Jean, claimed the life of his fiancée, Jessika Larouche-Gilbert.

The late driver was only yards from her workplace when her car was run over from behind, forcing her to crash head-on into an oncoming pickup truck. & Nbsp;

“The hardest part is explaining it to our 3-year-old daughter [Alyssia], laments Mr. Allard. I still haven't had the courage to tell her when she was looking for her mother this morning. I just told her she's gone on a long trip. “

The three-vehicle collision left no chance for the victim. The Cran Coast is one of the most dangerous places in Quebec, according to coroner Carol Gagné.

About ten fatal accidents

This stretch of road of a few kilometers where Ms. Larouche-Gilbert lost her life has been the scene of at least ten fatal accidents for two decades .

In 2011, Coroner Carol Gagné had stipulated in a report that he had never seen “a section of road as morbid and at risk of accident” as this one, commonly called the Cran coast. & nbsp;

Dr. Gagné then made several recommendations to secure the place, as did other coroners before and after him. He wanted nothing more and nothing less than a complete reconfiguration of the sector.

But little has changed since. Most notable are an improvement in lighting and the addition of a double passing lane at one point.

“We will carry out checks with the ministry to see if actions can be taken in the short term and we will obviously take note of the coroner's recommendations,” said the office of the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, yesterday afternoon.

“Nothing is happening”

But Michael Allard has had enough of fine words. “They say that every time and nothing happens. We can see what it gave ”, plague the father of the family.

According to him, everyone knows the dangerousness of this road in the region, Ms. Larouche-Gilbert did not like moreover not circulate there. “Things should change,” he said. & Nbsp;

MTQ spokespersons did not respond to our interview request. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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