His freedom is denied him

Sa liberté lui est refusée

In spite of serious guarantees to be offered to the court, the judge, Louis Dionne, has refused to release a young 25-year old woman accused of murder in the 2nd degree.

Last Tuesday, Melissa Webb underwent her investigation on release after his lawyer, mr. Sébastien St-Laurent, had filed a motion to be heard before the superior Court.

The evidence, under an order of non-publication has thus been exposed to a magistrate in a summary way, and then the lawyer of the young woman had proposed to the court that his client is able to follow a therapy closed.

A security said he was also ready to lend a hand to the young woman who has no history of the judiciary.

“Strong evidence “

In its written decision, the president of the tribunal recalled that at ” this stage of the proceedings “, he did not have to ” bend over ahead on the credibility and reliability of witnesses “, but that ” according to the narration of the facts adduced by the prosecution “, the evidence both direct and circumstantial seemed ” strong “.

The magistrate also pointed out that the charge of second degree murder was “one of the most serious crimes in the criminal Code” and that the minimum sentence was ” life imprisonment without the possibility of parole before ten to twenty-five years “.

Recall that a month after the murder of David Frigon, which occurred on September 30, 2019 in a building in the rue Napoleon, in the Saint-Sauveur, The Newspaper had reported that the place where was played the drama served as the point-of-sale to consumers of drugs.

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