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His head caught in the jaws of a crocodile, he managed to escape

Head caught in the jawbone of a crocodile, he succeeds to save it


A trip to Australia turns into a nightmare for this snorkeler who was attacked by a crocodile. He miraculously got away with removing the reptile's jawbone from his head. 

The disturbing event took place about forty kilometers from the coast of Cape York, Australia. Marcus McGowan was enjoying snorkeling with his wife and a group of friends before the attack, according to Global News. As he enjoyed the view of corals and fish from the water, his sight soon clouded when the crocodile appeared from behind and bit his head. At first, the man thought he had been bitten by a shark.

Despite not seeing the reptile well, McGowan estimates that his “aggressor” was between two and three meters long.

When the crocodile lunged for a second attack, McGowan said he simply nudged the animal with his right hand, which was bitten in the process. However, he managed to get out again and get back to the boat. The man suffered scalp lacerations and puncture wounds to the head and hand as a result of the attack. He then headed to the hospital.

“I live on the 'Gold Coast', I'm an avid surfer and diver, and I know that when you step into the marine environment, you are entering territory that belongs to potentially dangerous animals, such as sharks and crocodiles,” McGowan wrote. “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Queensland Department of Environment is currently investigating the incident.

Since 1985, as many as 44 crocodiles have attacked humans in Queensland . The McGowan incident was the fifth in the area since last April.

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