Historic appearance: a rambling and surly speech for Donald Trump

Historic appearance: a rambling and surly speech for Donald Trump


A claimant Donald Trump denied having anything to be ashamed of in an at times incoherent speech, delivered in front of his supporters gathered at the end of the evening, in Florida.< /p>

“I never imagined this possible in America!” exclaimed the former American president, shortly after his appearance before a court in New York.

“The only crime I have committed is to defend our nation against those who seek to destroy it,” he continued with his usual verve.

Hours earlier, the 76-year-old Republican pleaded not guilty to falsifying accounting records in a highly publicized hearing.

The charade continued to his home in Mar-a- Lago, Florida, where he took advantage of a speech to attack both the judiciary and his political adversaries.

Some decked out their pickups in his campaign colors.

“The criminal is the prosecutor [district attorney]. He is the one who should be tried, or resign,” he said angrily.

“All the legal analysts say there is no case! he continued.

He was greeted by a cheering crowd at his Mar-a-Lago golf club.

His favorite topics

The billionaire spoke at length about each of the other investigations of which he is the subject, each time criticizing “fraudulent” investigations.

During his speech, Trump also spoke as usual about his accusations of “fraud” in the 2020 presidential election, a conspiracy theory to which millions of his supporters still adhere.

Firing in all senses, he also argued that the war in Ukraine would never have happened under his presidency.

Even dedicated Trump bikers were there.

'A Nation in Decline'

The former White House tenant has also been quick to comment on issues since his term ended , multiplying the exaggerations.

“The United States is a mess, the economy is in freefall, inflation is out of control. […] It is a nation in decline, ”denounced the 45th President of the United States, blaming Joe Biden.

Throughout the live broadcast of his speech, the channel public television station PBS broadcast banners correcting the false remarks of the ex-president.

“It's a series of falsehoods,” noted American political analyst Richard Latendresse, who struggling to find the words to describe the imagination of the former president.

Free from Manhattan, Mr. Trump will try everything to avoid the test of a trial in January 2024, only a few months before the presidential election.

– With Agence France-Presse

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