“History is unacceptable”: Alaclair Ensemble dissociates from Maybe Watson

«Histoire inacceptable»: Alaclair Ensemble se dissocie de Maybe Watson

The hip-hop group Alaclair Ensemble has separated from the rapper Maybe Watson, Sunday, having been made aware of a “history of unacceptable” in the wake of the wave of denunciation that is sweeping these days on the social networks.

“We have just been informed of a history that is unacceptable for Maybe Watson. As of today, it is no longer party of the group. We dissociate ourselves from him, we are without words…”, he briefly writes of the formation on his page Facebook on Sunday morning, without giving further details.

“We were aucument (sic) aware of any stories relating to any (sic) a member of the group before 19:20 pm yesterday evening,” added Alaclair Ensemble by the suite, always through the social networks. According to them, a “friend” would have sent a text telling the story.

This decision “responsible” was supported “unequivocally” by Disks in 7th Heaven, the home production of Alaclair Ensemble, always on Facebook.

For the past few weeks, hundreds of people have testified on the social networks, denouncing the assaults, harassment, or other wrongdoing of a sexual nature that they have suffered. In particular, the singer Sofia Nolin has denounced the acts that have been committed by the facilitator By Morin, who has since taken a break from professional”

The singers, Yann Perreau, Bernard Adamus, have also been dropped by their record label because of the allegations against them.

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