“Hit the jackpot”: Dasha Kvitkova remembered a story Dating from “the bachelor,” Dobrinin

The anniversary finalist of the show “the Bachelor 9” has published a romantic video

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"Сорвала джекпот": Даша Квиткова вспомнила историю знакомства с "холостяком" Добрыниным

Dasha Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin

The winner of the show “the Bachelor 9” Daria Cvetkova, who recently surprised recognition on children, remembered the Genesis of her novel with Nikita Dobrynin on the project. Lover of “the bachelor” has published archival video, in honor of the anniversary of their acquaintance.

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On his page in Instagram Dasha Kvitkova placed a small roller, which contains the most sensual moments of their Nikita stay on the show “the Bachelor 9”.

“Today is exactly a year since I got out of the limo and said Hello. I think that your appearance in my life was getting into the top ten. Just in time. It wasn’t love at first sight, but that night I definitely hit the jackpot,” wrote Kvitkova in the post.

The girl admitted that from the outset Nikita Dobrynin made quite an impression on her, and she was sure that he was the person she wanted.

“A man with a strong character, full of confidence, clearly understanding what he wants from this life and how to achieve it. You exuded tranquility and comfort, success and purposefulness, maturity and experience of communicating with women. Yeah, you know how to behave and what to say to interest you to listen not out.

No, you certainly didn’t seem perfect, but your strengths are skillfully covered the weak, and dignity was completely overshadowed by the disadvantages that can be found in each. I don’t even know what I liked more – to find out in casual conversation you more or catch you perving,” recalled Daria.

Fans of Dasha and Nikita in the review covered a couple compliments and wished continued happiness in love. “Straight goosebumps on your views is immediately evident love and passion,” write the users of the network.

Recently Dasha Kvitkova showed what she gave Nikita Dobrynin on the day of her birth.

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