Hitmen of Putin’s Afghanistan?

Des tueurs à gages de Poutine en Afghanistan?

The case raises a grumbling anti-Russian in the United States. The military intelligence service of the Russian GRU would have offered money to assassinate american soldiers in Afghanistan. According to the New York Times, the u.s. secret service has concluded that the offer would have been made to the taliban, while they were engaged in peace talks with the United States last year. Islamic militants, or associates of criminals would have collected premiums for successful attacks, reports the Washington Post.

Last year was the deadliest in five years for the United States in Afghanistan, with 23 members killed.

The Times reported that the president, Donald Trump had been informed of these operations at the end of the month of march. After that he denied having been made aware, in a first time, Trump has returned to the charge, saying that he had not been alerted because the american secret services considered the information credible.

But the bosses of the secret service had other reasons not to talk to the president: the strange relationship of Trump with Putin, who even brought in their meeting in Helsinki in 2018 to give more credibility to the Russian president that his own intelligence services. The masters-american spies may have wanted to hide to Trump their discovery, lest the information be forwarded to the Russians, who might as well have guidance as to the “sources and methods” of the Americans. That may well know Putin on Trump which requires it to have a behavior so obsequious to his place?

But what could be the reasons that would have led the Russians to act as well? To keep Americans with a dog of their dog.

First, Putin was able to seek revenge for a us air strike in 2018 in Syria that killed dozens of mercenaries in russia. Moscow tried perhaps also to derail the peace talks to prevent the United States out of Afghanistan.

Then there is the Afghanistan war of the 80’s. The Russians supported the communist government in Kabul, while the CIA provided weapons, equipment and training to jihadists. In 1989, Moscow was forced to a humiliating retreat, allowing the islamists to take power in Afghanistan.

“Operation Cyclone” was the code name of the program of CIA support for the islamist fighters trained by the military intelligence service of pakistan, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), in close collaboration with the United States. Cyclone was a covert operation, the longer (1979-1989) and the most expensive ever undertaken by Washington.

The director of the CIA, William Casey, planned even to extend the war to the soviet Union in spreading from Afghanistan to subversive propaganda in the muslim republics of the south of the USSR. With the Pakistanis, the CIA has supplied thousands of korans, books about the atrocities the soviets in Afghanistan and the heroes of the nationalist muslims of central Asia.

Before turning against the United States, Osama bin Laden was one of their key allies in the fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. The founder of Al-Qaeda directed the volunteers from the arab countries. Up to 35,000 “arab afghans” have received military training in Pakistan.

Some dispute that the CIA has directly worked with bin Laden. But it is undeniable that one of the largest recipients of aid from the CIA was Djalâlouddine Haqqani, a close ally of bin Laden. The Haqqani network, which was part of the taliban, has played an important role in the formation and growth of Al-Qaeda, allowing Bin Laden to train their jihadists in the territory that Haqqani controlled Afghanistan.

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