Hobbs & Shaw : the movie more badass and epic film unveils its trailer WTF

Hobbs & Shaw : the movie more badass and epic film unveils its trailer WTF

Forget the Fast & the Furious, Mission Impossible, the Avengers or James Bond, the film with the most badass of the film will be released on 7 August and will be called Hobbs & Shaw. Based on its trailer, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba will bring into effect the WTF to a higher level.

Did you know ? The term “WTF” has specially been invented for the film “Hobbs & Shaw” which will be released on August 7, next to the cinema. Okay, this is not entirely true, but it would not be surprising. As you can see in the new trailer for this spin-off of Fast & the Furious signed David Leitch, the words “incredible”, “improbable” and “epic” have no more meaning after having seen the film.

The film with the most epic of the cinema

Hobbs & Shaw will have two characters the most badass in the universe of Fast – played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, to join forces against their will in order to put an end to the acts of a soldier genetically improved (Idris Elba) who is taken to the “Superman black” and who leads an army of mercenaries. A scenario is a boat for an action movie ? Yes, but the result on the screen will resemble nothing of what you have already been able to discover before.

Hobbs & Shaw is about on the contrary to revolutionize the concept of a “Popcorn Movie” through mode ” sequence “But hell that is what I just watched, it was completely crazy“. The program ? With a sprinkling of humor, there will be an avalanche of action scenes all the more foolish one than the other, either of the races on the facades of the buildings, flights planned in a 4×4 or even (and still can not believe what is written), a Dwayne Johnson in the process of retaining a helicopter with bare hands. Here it is.


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