Holiday season: “We absolutely have to keep morale up,” says Béatrice Picard

Holiday season: “We absolutely have to keep morale up,” says Béatrice Picard

For many isolated seniors, the holiday season is the only occasion for celebration and this year promises to be very different, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing it.

To counter this isolation, Les petits frères have set up several initiatives.

Sending of advent calendar, surprise boxes, call chains, phone message from godmother Béatrice Picard; the organization, which must cancel its traditional Christmas meal, will stop at nothing to offer comfort.

The Little Brothers invite all Quebecers to participate in the “Au bout du fil” program. This is a free service available everywhere in Quebec which consists of creating telephone twins between people aged 75 and over who live in solitude and volunteers, specially trained by the Little Brothers team.

“People aged 75 and over are sometimes alone and have the” blues “as they say (…) and on this telephone line there are people to welcome them vocally and encourage them to pass these difficult times”, specifies coméidenne Béatrice Picard.

In addition to the “Au bout du fil” program, the Grands Amis des Petits Frères will receive, on December 25, a call recorded by Béatrice Picard.

“I’m going to tell them not to let go, what happens is that our bodies as we age start to break down, but our will is very important, we have to cultivate it”, she says.

“You absolutely have to keep your spirits up and to keep your spirits up you have to kick your ass a bit and (…) you have to find little things at all to help yourself,” she adds.

To participate in the “At the end of the wire” initiative, simply dial 1-877-805-1955.

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