Holiday stars: Oleg Vinnik, MONATIK, and others spoke, how was your summer

The most popular destinations this year are Italy and Turkey

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Some on tour, others for recreation, others combine business with pleasure. Anyway, Ukrainian celebrities traveled this summer.

Nastya Kamensky and Potap made himself another honeymoon, this time in Italy.

“Well, we didn’t dogulivat with Nastya Kamenskih, with my wife, our honeymoon vacation. She’s Italian, she grew up in Italy, half Italian, and we’ll go to Italy for something to eat, drink, laugh and swim” – shared Potap.

Judging from the pairs in social networks, in one place they are more than one or two days late. Walking, sailing, discos, sports is only a small part of what was observed by the public. And the company Potap and Nastya in their honeymoon vacation to best friends – Alex “Positive” Zavgorodniy with his wife Anna.

Отдых звезд: Олег Винник, MONATIK и другие рассказали, как провели лето

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Near Potap and Nastya took off and another celebrity couple – Valeriy Meladze with his wife Albina Dzhanabaeva. Along with his two sons, Constantine and Luke, in the beginning of July, the singer went on summer vacation to the South of France. For families with children Dzhanabaeva even had to cancel a performance at the festival “lime Rendezvous” in Jurmala.

A few weeks of rest the pair managed to travel not only the French coast but also to visit Spain. Albina even posted a rare photo of 15-year-old son Constantine, who had a baby when he was still married to his first wife Irina. We will remind, officially Valery Meladze divorced in 2014. In the same year, Albina gave birth to the beloved second son – Luca. Then the pair officially legalized relationships.

Отдых звезд: Олег Винник, MONATIK и другие рассказали, как провели лето

Albina dzhanabaeva on vacation

European travelers expressed a preference and a favorite of women – Oleg Vinnik. Judging by the photos, he finally tasted a real Wiener schnitzel in Vienna itself, Austria. And until this week had time to soak up the Greek coast, the holiday on which he planned in advance.

“I always dreamed about Greece, and it is very important to me. And if I have the opportunity to get to Athos, I tell you, I know there only men fall, but I will tell all and give,” says winnick.

But MONATIK together with his wife Irene and sons Tributes and Plato in August vacationing in one of the most luxurious hotels of Turkey. By the way, the company the family had built another celebrity family: ex-wife Potap, producer: Irina Gorovaya with daughter Natalia and son Andrew.

Отдых звезд: Олег Винник, MONATIK и другие рассказали, как провели лето

Irina Demicheva on vacation

However, vacationing family MONATIK not only in Turkey. In early July, the first time they visited the far away Cuba.

“It’s certainly unusual country and Havana is such a picturesque place, where every crack in the house, something that might not seem too perfect, it looks like such a solid decoration. Beautiful, hot, actually, but tolerable,” says MONATIK.

How was Svetlana Tarabarova, Tina Karol, Taras Poplar, Michelle Andrade, Kamaliya, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin and DZIDZIO – see a fascinating story.

Earlier we wrote that Potapov took my son to school. 11-year-old Andrew on the 1st of September changed the color of the hair.

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