Hollywood comedian Kevin HART refused to conduct the ceremony “Oscar-2019”

Голливудский комик Кевин Харт отказался вести церемонию награждения «Оскар-2019»


The prize awards more than two months, and the scandals flare up now

A few days after the appointment of Kevin HART leading the ceremony, he decided to give up this honorary position. Cause: his remarks about sexual minorities 10 years ago.

On Tuesday it became known that leading the 91st ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” selected popular comedian Kevin HART. His appointment didn’t sit well with the representatives of sexual minorities, who immediately recalled his statements in the address, made in the period from 2009 to 2011.

According to Kevin, a couple of hours after the official announcement to this post Academics called him and asked him to apologize for his words. Kevin immediately did this, noting that over the past period of time he had “grown and changed”. However, to remove the ill-fated Twitter message did not. This was a decisive moment… last night, HART said on his page on Instagram that the role of leading “Oscar” in February will not see it.

“I made the decision to abandon the logic of “Oscar” this year… Because I don’t want to distract everyone in the evening that will be festive for such talented artists,” wrote the actor.

Recall that the 91st ceremony of awarding the main award of the American Academy on 24 February 2019. This year, the founders of the prestigious award have introduced a number of changes.

The Academy has decided to reduce the duration of live broadcast of the ceremony to three hours, while earlier the stream lasted for four. Also, the film Academy decided to introduce a new nomination.

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