Hollywood hussar: Bradley Cooper changed her image

The popular actor has shaved off his beard

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Голливудский гусар: Брэдли Купер сменил имидж

Bradley Cooper

Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper after the high-profile breakup with model Irina Shayk decided to change the image and shaved his beard leaving only a mustache.

Irina Shayk revenge of the mother of Bradley Cooper. The details in the story:

44-year-old American actor was seen in new look during a stroll with two-year-old daughter Leah. By the way, star parents Irene and Bradley agreed to split custody 50/50 girl. Celebrities take turns to spend time with the child, and lives Lea mom, then dad.

During the next walk with a girl in Malibu, the main character of the film “a Star is born” hit the paparazzi without a beard but with a mustache. The new Bradley Cooper reminds hussar, and, by the way, looks older than his years.

Recall that a few months ago Irina Shayk gave a Frank interview in which he admitted, why he prefers not to comment on relationship with Bradley Cooper.

But to the actor and Director attributed the novel with the colleague on stage, actress and singer Lady Gaga, but it turned out that this is only fiction fans.

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Голливудский гусар: Брэдли Купер сменил имидж

Голливудский гусар: Брэдли Купер сменил имидж

Голливудский гусар: Брэдли Купер сменил имидж


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