Home help: a Sherbrooke 94-year-old who wishes to remain at home

SHERBROOKE – The dramatic situation in residences for seniors, in fact, reflect more on their future. VAT News has met with a lady of 94 years of Sherbrooke who receives assistance at home. Without this valuable assistance, she should live in an institution.

Thérèse Lacroix and the attendant home help Évelyne spend two days a week together for the past eight years. For the lady of 94 years, the home help goes far beyond of the household chores and care. She became a friend with whom she spends time, talking and playing board games.

“I’m well at home! Taking only in-residence, I would not like it”, testified Ms. Lacroix, on Friday, the camera VAT New.

The presence of the caregiver in the home and also serves as a respite for the girls of Ms. Lacroix, who fulfill the role of family caregivers.

Currently, 100,000 people in Quebec receive help at home. The social economy enterprises in home care and assistance in Quebec are asking for more recognition of the part of the government Legault.

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