Home stretch for the colossal works on avenue Victor-Hugo, in Sète

Home stretch for the colossal works on avenue Victor-Hugo, in Sète

Le gros du chantier de l’avenue Victor-Hugo entre dans sa dernière ligne droite. Midi Libre – Patrice Espinasse

Started in March 2024, the spectacular construction site on Avenue Victor-Hugo is about to be completed. It will modernize a 150-year-old network by integrating one of the separative pipes for water.

A few more weeks and local residents will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. The colossal construction site on Avenue Victor-Hugo (2 M€) is coming to an end. In any case its main phase: the creation of a separative network along the entirety of this major axis of the city, 500 m long.

Launched in March, the developments, prior to the avenue requalification project, have progressed almost within the announced deadlines of four months. " The biggest is finished from the Gare bridge to the theater: the main trenches are finished this week, explains Laurent Scala, head of the works department at Sète Agglopôle. On the other side, from the Pont de Pierre to Rue Voltaire, there is more network congestion and layers of brackish water to evacuate. So we are a little early on one side and 2 to 3 weeks late on the other. The objective is to finish between July 10 and 12 to restore traffic in both directions on the entire avenue during the summer. The site will then be closed in September, with 15 days of micro-work to switch the connections and definitively commission all the pipes."

Home stretch for the colossal works on avenue Victor-Hugo, in Sète

Under the sidewalks, the multiple networks! The earthworks are carried out using a vacuum cleaner so as not to damage the sensitive networks and the roots of the plane trees. DR

Night work until June 28

Three pipes of 250mm diameter for drinking water (ductile iron), 400mm for wastewater (sandstone) and 600mm for rainwater ( concrete) were installed under the roadway. Particular care had to be taken with the plane trees and in particular securing the roots while installing the connection pipes. "A pharaonic work on one side and, on the other, a goldsmith's work for the trees. This constraint was very well managed", assures Laurent Scala, who salutes the work of the Razel-Bec, Solatrag and Bano TP companies.

On the Pierre Bridge side, residents must however deal with a phase of nighttime work, requiring the avenue to be cut off in both directions. It will be carried out for ten nights, until June 28, so that the axis is not cut in both directions during the day. A little more patience, then…

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