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The first megaliths were built on the territory of present-day France.

In Europe about 35 thousand dolmens – large buildings of stone blocks of artificial origin.

They were erected somewhere near the end of the Neolithic, most likely for ritual purposes. Methods of their construction is not obvious, but it is clear that this activity was very time consuming. Especially curious about the birthplace of this tradition and how it is further disseminated.

This writes the Chronicle.info with reference to popmech.

To answer at least the first question tried Bettina Schulz Paulsson (Bettina Schulz Paulsson), an archaeologist from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). It reviewed available data on the Dating of the megaliths, published in different years in 11 languages. Background information on 2410 monuments were subjected to statistical analysis by Bayesian analysis to narrow the range of dates. The whole process took 10 years is an insignificant time for megalith, but very important for a living person.

It turned out that the first megaliths were built on the territory of France or near it somewhere in the range from 4800 to 4000 years BC the First centres of their construction was the North-West of France, the Islands of the English channel, Corsica and Sardinia. Obviously, some of the centers were the first, but surely to call it the present methods do not allow. Probably the oldest structure of this type, the Dating of which can be considered reliable, is Prissy La Charriere in the Central part of Western France. The megalith built between 4371 and 4263 BC Suspicion, however, falls to the North of France, where the construction of megaliths was preceded by the construction of the burial (most likely) complexes of clay, Dating from about 5000 BC or a little earlier.

After that, the tradition of building large structures out of stone quickly (on the order of thousands of years) spread along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and then to both sides, from Ireland and Norway, to the Middle East.

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