Homeless people camped near the city centre

Des itinérants campent près du centre-ville

We often see images of homeless living under the bridges in the United States. But the scene takes place here, in Montreal, on Notre-Dame street East, near Davidson street and close to the city centre.

The phenomenon began about three weeks ago, when the first camper has erected his tent and, then, others are installed. The latter say that the phenomenon of risk to take in the scale considering the closure of temporary shelters in municipal buildings and sports.

VAT News has met a man who sleeps in his car for two months.

“It begins to be hard. Sometimes, I pays me a motel to have a mattress, but it starts to be hard. The next month, I should be able to have an apartment if it is not too expensive,” he explains.

Another citizen explained that the housing crisis, in addition to that of the COVID-19, the forces now in camp close to the rue Notre-Dame est.

“I’m on social assistance, my roommate was on social assistance, we had 1700 $ to two. For two months, we searched and called. No credit, no car, no $ 200 machine on the back… not housing,” he said.

The homeless are resourceful to orgsniser. A shower, for example, has been made by making warm water to the interior of bottles of beer. TVA Nouvelles has been observed that the cleanliness of the site is maintained by its occupants.

The City of Montreal offers to the citizens of the places in the shelters. However, many of them prefer to live on the margins of society. Others would like to live in an apartment, but they do not have the means to pay the rent.

We are also seeing the emergence of new homeless, people who, for all sorts of reasons, find themselves on the street and do not yet know well the resources available to them, indicates the body CAP St-Barnabé.

“There’s a lot of new homeless who do not know how it happens and who have the fear of the new. Behind it all, it is not obvious to admit his distress. For some, to go in a refuse, it is like a cry for help,” says Frédéric Arena, which is the clinical coordinator assistant at CAP St-Barnabé.

The Red Cross is also present to provide support and food. Besides, the meals, the noon, depart at lightning speed, say stakeholders in the field.

An appeal to the generosity of the public has been launched. You can send donations to the body CAP St-Barnabé.

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