Homes of older people: the invoice will explode 50%

Maisons des aînés: la facture explosera de 50%

The 2600-seat promised by the CAQ in thirty of the homes of the seniors will finally be distributed in 48 institutions, thereby exploding the bill of 50 %.

During the election campaign, the CAQ promised to build thirty houses for the elders, at a cost of a billion dollars, by 2022. This will eventually be 48 address, for an invoice of about 1,49 G$.

The final cost is not yet known, since the submission process is not finished yet, says the office of the minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais.

“Considering that we are going to develop more of the houses of the elders to keep people housed in their communities in smaller living environments, in their regions, the cost of the project to the PQI has actually increased,” said his press officer Marjaurie Side-Boileau.

The addition of a dozen of the homes of the seniors, by 2030, had been included in the last Plan québécois des infrastructures, and the acceleration of the projects has been announced in the government’s plan Legault to revive the quebec economy.

However, Québec had not specified that it is always to build a total of 2600 seats.

A quick calculation allows an assessment of each accommodation (room with private bathroom) will cost 190 000 $ more than expected.

Most small residences

With his concept of the homes of the elderly, Quebec wants to replace NURSING homes with smaller institutions divided into units involving a dozen residents.

Originally, the facilities were designed to accommodate a maximum of 70 to 130 people, depending on the presentation, François Legault had made during the election campaign.

But Quebec has finally opted for some residences to be smaller. At least eight houses of the elders already announced host-only 48 residents.

Territory caquiste

All are located in the territory caquiste, including Prévost, the riding of the minister Blais.

Moreover, at least 36 of the 48 schools will be in ridings won by the CAQ.

In some regions and less populated, the homes will be smaller still.

To Havre-Saint-Pierre, 9 seats will be built to house seniors and 16 in-house alternative, for people with special needs.

The Îles-de-la-Madeleine, they will have 12 new spaces, divided half-and-half according to the two concepts.

In other regions, the number of residents will be higher. In Saguenay, for example, 120 new spaces will be created in the homes of seniors and alternatives. In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it is even 192-bed will be constructed.


“After several consultations with partners in the community, it was decided to favour the construction of smaller living environments for seniors, explains the press officer of the minister Blais. […] It is important to keep people housed in their communities, close to their family. “

In the context of the current pandemic, the cabinet of Ms. Blais also argues that limiting the number of residents ” facilitate the application of measures of prevention and control of infections in outbreak situations “.

“This transformation will also be beneficial for staff working in these environments, and will contribute also to the attractiveness and retention of this workforce “, also written Marjaurie Side-Boileau.


  • The project of the houses of the elders is one of the promises the headlights of the CAQ in 2018 to replace the CHSLD.
  • The concept is to create smaller residences divided into units of 12 units.
  • Each dwelling will include a single bedroom and a private bathroom adapted.
  • A space will also be reserved for family caregivers to allow them to rest.
  • Originally, the 2600-seat had to be built in thirty schools at a cost of $ 1 billion.
  • This will eventually be the same number of places, but in 48 residences for approximately 1,49 G$.
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