Homophobic attack, major projects at Aniane Abbey, mosquitoes… the main news in the region

Homophobic attack, major projects at Aniane Abbey, mosquitoes... the main news in the region

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Humor and blood donation

#OCCITANIE – On the eve of the summer holidays, the French Blood Establishment (EFS) is calling for donations. In Occitania, 50,000 donations are expected throughout the summer. To convince donors, EFS Occitanie relies on humor. A summer communication campaign shows a shark fin, in the open sea, under the message: "This summer, give your blood but not to just anyone"."In a media landscape monopolized by the Olympics, the Euro, the legislative elections, it was important to run a campaign that appeals", explains Mustapha Kanitel, communications manager at the ESF.

Today’s figure: 35,522

#EDUCATION – This is the number of middle school students enrolled in the National Brevet Diploma in the Montpellier academy for 2024 session, the tests of which take place on Monday July 1 and Tuesday July 2. In detail, of the 35,522 candidates, 32,070 come from the general route, 3,452 from the professional route. Hérault has 14,474 registered, Gard 9,469, Pyrénées-Orientales 6,263, Aude 4,354 and Lozère 962. The results will be known on Thursday July 11 from 12 p.m.

A round table on mosquito control

#ENVIRONMENT –On Wednesday July 3, the University of Montpellier and the Occitanie Regional Chamber of Accounts signed a partnership and offered on this occasion a general public event on the theme of "mosquito control in Occitanie". Philippe Augé, president of the University of Montpellier Valérie Renet, president of the Occitanie Regional Chamber of Accounts, will compare their views and their work on this subject thanks to the research work of the laboratories of the University and the University. rsquo;investigation that the financial magistrates will publish on the Interdepartmental Mosquito Control Agreement (EID-Med). During this round table scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Botanical Institute of Montpellier, we will be able to benefit from the interventions of Didier Fontenille, emeritus research director of the IRD, Isabelle Houvenaghel and Alain Le Bris , magistrates of the CRC Occitanie.

Homophobic attack in Montpellier

#JUSTICE – On June 1, on the sidelines of the fanfare festival in Montpellier, a young woman was attacked by several men while she was with her girlfriend. After the attack, the victim denounced the inaction of the police. On Friday, two men and the fiancée of one of them appeared in court. A third individual, suspected of having struck the victim the most, fled and was therefore not in court. The three defendants were placed under judicial supervision by the court, pending their trial scheduled for July 17. Until then, they are prohibited from appearing in Montpellier, and from contacting each other or the victims.

At Aniane Abbey, restoration and major projects

#HERAULT – The major restoration project at Aniane Abbey has begun. This first phase of work is part of a global project to restore and transform this heritage building into a cultural hotspot. Supported by the community of communes of the Vallée de l’Hérault, the space will present the abbey, its past and the penal colony. A village of crafts will host production workshops, presentation and sales areas. Also planned is the creation of an archaeology library that will be a work and study space for archaeology students. According to architect Philippe Donjerkovic, the work should last a year.

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