Honey, I shrunk the kids soon return to the cinema with a big twist

Chérie, j'ai rétréci les gosses bientôt de retour au cinéma avec un gros twist

Honey, I shrunk the kids soon return to the cinema with a big twist

Saga cult of the end of the years 80 and years 90, ” Honey, I shrunk the kids is soon expected to make his comeback to the cinema with a new film. And for once, Disney would prepare a little twist to revive the franchise.

We may now come in a new decade in a few weeks, but don’t you believe that it will motivate Disney to stop capitalizing on our nostalgia to collect millions at the box office. While a remake in live-action Mulan is expected in 2020 to the cinema, it is now a continuation of the saga, “Honey, I shrunk the kids” which would be currently in the program.

Sweetheart, I imitated my father

It is a Variety that reveals the information, “the director Joe Johnston [already behind the first film, ed’s note] is in negotiations to direct the possible reboot of the franchise with actor Josh Gad also in talks to appear on the screen“. Josh Gad, recently seen in ” beauty and The Beast, which would be at the origin of this project : “It has pitché his plan to Disney in the beginning of the year, and the studio would have immediately been excited to relive the saga“.

Moreover, as noted by Variety, the project – if it is officially ordered, would not be a remake but a true sequel to the previous trilogy : “In this version, Josh Gad would play the adult version of Nick Szalinski, the son of Wayne, who would follow in his father’s footsteps, not only now being a scientist, but by narrowing accidentally his own children“.

A project loved Disney

Speaking of Wayne Szalinski, it is not yet known if Rick Moranis – his cult performer, will return to the screen, which is indented Hollywood for almost 20 years. However, according to Variety, Disney seems to really believe in this project : “The studio had initially considered the idea of offering the movie on Disney+ [platform streaming competitor, Netflix, editor’s note], but the scenario of Todd Rosenberg has led the enthusiasm of the boss, to the point that the plan now is to go to the cinema“. In other words, the studio could attempt to persuade him to appear. We keep our fingers crossed.

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