Hong Kong: a man suspected to have stabbed a police officer stopped a plane

Hong Kong: un homme suspecté d'avoir poignardé un policier arrêté dans un avion

HONG KONG | A man suspected of having stabbed a police officer in the shoulder during a demonstration in Hong Kong was arrested on board a plane that was about to take off for London, announced on Thursday that the police.

Photos and videos taken on Wednesday by journalists seized the moment where a man, wearing a mask on the face, it takes a police officer with a blunt object during a rally organized following the adoption by China of the national security law to Hong Kong.

Thousands of people braved the ban to come together to protest against this legislation.

“On July 2, very early, a 24-year old man, named Wong, was arrested, suspected of beatings and injuries,” said police in a press release.

According to a police source who requested anonymity, this man was disembarking from the flight CX251 Cathay Pacific to London, shortly before the latter leaves the gate.

“He bought a ticket at the last minute. He was the only passenger on the flight has bought a ticket so late and he had no checked baggage”, explained to AFP this source.

The flight was delayed about an hour, according to data from the Hong Kong international airport.

The forces of the order indicated that, in the day of Wednesday, seven policemen were injured and more than 370 people have been arrested.

The police officer was stabbed while attempting to make an arrest, according to the same source.

Three others were injured when a man with a flag in favour of the independence of Hong Kong has collided with his motorcycle, a group of members of the forces of order.

This scene has been filmed with a mobile phone.

Wednesday was the day of the 23rd anniversary of the retrocession of the former british colony to China.

The day before, the controversial law on the national security imposed by Beijing, which had come into force.

It allows to suppress the four types of crimes against the security of the State: subversion, separatism, terrorism, and collusion with outside forces.

For Beijing, it is to restore the stability in this territory of 7.5 million people after months of protests in the past year.

Many western countries have condemned the text, saying that it puts an end to the political freedoms enjoyed, until now, the territory, as well as its autonomy, legislative and judicial.

Wednesday afternoon, the first people to be arrested for violating this new law were, for the most part, in possession of flags and leaflets in favour of the independence of Hong Kong.

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