Hong Kong : Beijing cautions Ottawa after the canadian sanctions

Hong Kong : Pékin met en garde Ottawa après les sanctions canadiennes

BEIJING | China sent on Monday warning Canada against a further deterioration in bilateral relations after the sanctions announced by Ottawa in the wake of the new national security act imposed in Hong Kong.

“China strongly condemns (the canadian sanctions) and reserves the right to take additional measures,” said to the press a spokesperson of china’s public diplomacy, Zhao Lijian.

“Canada will have to assume all the consequences”, he said.

The relations between the two countries worsened significantly since the arrest at the end of 2018 in Vancouver, a senior executive of the giant chinese telecoms Huawei, followed by the arrest in China of two canadian nationals.

Friday, in response to the imposition by Beijing of a law on national security to Hong Kong, Ottawa has announced to suspend its extradition treaty with the ex-british colony as well as its exports of military equipment “sensitive”.

For Mr. Zhao, these decisions constitute “a grave violation of international law” as well as “meddling” in the affairs of china.

“China calls for Canada to rectify, immediately, the errors (…) in order to avoid a further deterioration in relations” between the two countries, he said.

Several countries have called on China to withdraw its national security bill in Hong Kong, fears of the opposition democratic party local a severe setback in freedoms in force in the special administrative Region back to China in 1997.

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